Is Ali’s Outburst In The Bigg Boss House A Publicity Stunt For His Movie?

Ali in Bigg Boss 8 is publicity stunt – We talk about sudden, unnecessary and fake-looking angry outburst of Ali Quli Mirza in yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss. It looks like more of an attention grabbing antic than genuine reaction.

Gautam Gulati, step aside!

New villain is in and is making his presence felt in the most obvious, but impactful manner.

We are talking about none other than Ali Quli Mirza!

The way he exploded with anger yesterday was like WOW! It was like a never seen before scene in Bigg Boss house and jolted every contestant out of slumber. As if a volcano erupted somewhere and the earth shook in Lonavala! You must be thinking we’re kidding and being sarcastic!

Yes, you’re right guys!

We’re totally making fun of Ali out here as this is what he deserves. When he entered the house and was immediately made the captain, we thought he might do something different. And he did something spectacular by being the most innovative, strict and interesting captain ever in Bigg Boss history.

However, last night’s episode just made him look so ordinary and showed his herd mentality. Why did you do that Ali?

We think he must have assumed that the sure-shot way to remain inside the Bigg Boss house for maximum possible time is to be part of some controversy. There are two types of controversies: make romantic liaisons or fight like dogs! He chose the latter option as clearly no girl is giving him any bhaav due to his military-like strict discipline as a captain.

Once he chose his option, next thing was to see who he can fight with. He had already seen how Gautam has become so popular owing to his crazy behaviour and wild fights. Best way was to just confront Gautam and get into limelight. And that’s what Ali did!

But is it just to remain inside the house or there’s something more to it? Actually, it might all be related to the release of Ali’s debut movie. His movie Roar (what??), directed by debutant Kamal Sadanaah (yesteryear’s flop actor!!!) is going to be released soon. That’s the reason Ali is participating in the reality game show so he can get some publicity. As the release date is approaching, Ali needs to be seen more, doing more and being talked about more so that it helps the movie even if the movie is worth nothing. Hence he had to act and act really fast to attract attention!

This publicity logic fits perfectly well with the given scenario as the whole situation looks straight out of a movie clip! There is confrontation between two short-tempered guys, which gets orally abusive and violent and then the so-called protagonist gets emotional and sheds some tears! Such great acting histrionics and a perfect arc to the character’s journey from being angry young man to urban emotional metrosexual!

Wish it was scripted in a better way and performed well too so that it didn’t look like too wannabe and fake!

Ali, you do need lessons in acting! If this is how you have performed in your movie, good that we saw it all in Bigg Boss! You just saved some of our hard-money from going down the drain!


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