What’s Your Eating Style?

Eating style

Eating style – Your eating style speaks a lot about you.

The way you pick up the cutlery, the way you use your fingers, the way you eat and even how you sit and what you eat, all comes under your eating style.

While your diet or the type of food you intake, matters and define your taste, at the same time how you eat also describe your background and habits. Before switching to the way you eat, let’s know what you eat:

Vegan and Vegetarian   

Despite both of them supporting animal life over the taste of their tongue, the vegan completely gives up on animal products which include diary products as well. Vegetarian, on the other hand, enjoys the taste of milk, flavoured yoghurt and another dairy supplements.

Pescetarian and Non-vegetarian 

While non-vegetarians serve themselves all kind of flesh or animals, pescetarian on the other hand except meat enjoys everything, like fish, eggs and other seafood.

Beside this one should also know if their eating style is healthy or junk. A healthy diet consists of all the nutrients in a balanced manner while the junk diet consists haphazard of the saturated fats and high amount of calories.

While these were the style based on the type of the food you feed yourself, below mentioned are the styles constructed out of the way you eat:

American vs British style  

In spite of both manipulating fork and knife, their way differs a big time. The American style due to its characteristic features is known as ’Zig-zag’ style, on contrarily the British or the European style is know as ’Hidden handle’ style. Now, what differentiates the two is the manner they adapt to use cutlery. While Americans hold the knife in the right hand (if they are right handy) and after it’s used they switch the fork from the left had to right hand. Whereas the British use their right hand for the fork and left for the knife.

Italian vs French style   

While both of them share a commonality in their cuisines which also includes a good share of wine, cheese and bread yet they differ. Italian cuisine emphasis more on the freshness of the veggies and other material used in contrast the French cuisine demands more for its preparations than the ingredients. One doesn’t have to be an expertise while preparing Italian but for sure in case of french cuisines.

Your love for Pizza, Pasta, Lasagne and Gelato for sure cheers for Italian style while for Bread, Toast, Tart, French fries and Ratatouille will vote for French cuisines.

Besides this, your taste, whether you prefer spicy, sweet, sour or boiled also defines your eating style.

Talking about dishes such as rice, noodles, spaghetti, etc. are enjoyed with fork or chopsticks depending upon the place you’re from, whereas, chapati, pav bhaji, choley kulchey/bhature, puri, etc. are usually eaten by hands. Your eating style indubitably tells a lot about you, the way you manipulate the cutlery to use, tells much about things you do and practice.

Thus one should always pays attention towards their style and never drop it even it is queer from the crowd. After all it’s your own style.

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