These Weird Desserts Will Surprisingly Leave Your Mouth Watering!

Weird Desserts Around The World

“Weird Desserts Around The World”

Do you love desserts? If you ask me then yes I completely do.

Without desserts there is certainly no fun and everything else feel tasteless. I mean seriously, imagine not having the sweet desserts in front of you once you’re done with your dinner. Isn’t that hard? Well, if the thinking makes it hard then seriously how can one resist living without having desserts? (Especially when you have the habit)

But hey, what if you’re given a plate of sweet dessert especially a chocolate covered with insects. Will you eat it? Even though you’ll blindly answer NO; I bet once you see it will surely leave your mouth-watered.

Not just the chocolates; there are many other desserts that seems delicious.

Take a look at these weird desserts around the world:-

  1. Blood Pancakes

It is a very popular dish served in Finland and Sweden. Blood pancakes or Veriohukainen is a dish made up of whipped blood and other ingredients as well.

They are thinner and said to be crispier plus occasionally they are served with reindeer meat.

Weird Desserts Around The World

  1. MeatCake

What if someone present you the MeatCake? It might sound weird but in USA people enjoy this MeatCake in their dessert. Inside the cake there is meat and it is commonly frosted with mashed potatoes.

Weird Desserts Around The World

  1. Cendol

Cendol is a popular desert originated from Indonesia and also served in Southeast Asia e.g. Malaysia. Before you start thinking about the green ingredient as worms; let me tell you that they are not green worms.

It is actually a dish made from red beans, palm sugar, coconut milk, ice and also jelly noodles.

Weird Desserts Around The World

  1. Maple Bacon Donut

The mixture of bacon and donut might surprise you a little but the Americans love it that way. It is also been said that Americans are bacon mania and thus this dessert fits perfectly in their country.

Once the Bacon donut is ready it is topped up with a maple syrup to make it more delicious. Will you ever like to have this dessert? Think about it.

Weird Desserts Around The World

  1. Chocolate covered with crickets

Now that might make you feel Ewwww at first but look at that picture. It absolutely seems delicious. Isn’t it? In Thailand, this dessert is served and yes people really love having this chocolate covered with real insects. Once again, Real INSECTS.

Weird Desserts Around The World

  1. Yokan

Japanese people have their own favorite dessert called as “Yokan”. Yokan is actually a thick jelly dessert made up of red beans paste, sugar and agar agar. They are served in a block form and eaten in slices.

Weird Desserts Around The World

  1. Unicorn Barf

This dessert completely looks yummy. Don’t you agree? Unicorn Barf is made up of the mixture of butter and 2 kinds of marshmallows- regular sized marshmallows and other one that comes in Kids cereals.

Weird Desserts Around The World

  1. Wasabi Ice-cream

If you ever visit Japan then do not forget to taste the famous “Wasabi” ice-cream. It might have a weird flavor but this ice-cream is said to be better and unique as compared to other ice-creams.

Weird Desserts Around The World

 If you ever visit any of these countries don’t forget to enjoy the desserts after your dinner. 🙂

Also, if you have anything to say about these weird desserts around the world then let us know in a comment below.

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