This Couple Earns 6 Digits By Travelling Around The World !

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Travel blogger – It sounds unreal but it is true!

Who would have thought that travelling could actually let you earn money?

This couple from New Zealand has been doing exactly this. They spend most of their tie travelling around the globe and are earning in 6 figures from doing so. It’s like a dream come true for most of us. Meet Nathan Buchan and Hannah Martin. They left their old jobs and went on to pursue their new dream career and that’s travelling. They find their life exciting albeit constantly on the move. Nathan is 26 years old and his girlfriend Hannah is 25.

Together, they set out on this joint travel venture. Nathan gave up his old job to pursue his dream career of a travel blogger.

Travel blogger couple –

  • Nathan previously worked as a plumber. It was three years back when he decided to take the plunge, ditch his job as a plumber and set off to explore the world. He started his own blog.
  • It all started with his desire to become his own boss. He figured that if he could chalk out a living by making his online presence significant, he would be able to travel as much as he wanted. That was his inspiration to focus on his blog!
  • He invested some of his savings in starting his blog and used the rest to undertake his first trip as travel blogger to Vietnam. Starting out on a shoestring budget, he cut costs as much as possible, even living in cockroach infested hostels in Panama, in a bid to make it all work out. And boy, it did!
  • Hannah joined Nathan a year later, after she completed her graduation. Together they have been travelling around the world and blogging about it.
  • The money they earn comes from the commissions that they earn via promotions done through their blog and on social media. Each post, they say, earns them almost a thousand bucks!

Who wouldn’t love to ditch their 9 to 5 office job to live their lives like Nathan and Hannah, Travel blogger ? If you are up for a nomadic lifestyle, this is one adventure that is meant just for you!

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