6 Things You Should Never Ever Do Before Sleeping! But Most Of Us Do

before sleeping

Before sleeping – Sleep of at least seven to nine hours is required for an average individual.

But today in the busy world people love to spend their bed time with a lot of things like smartphones, laptops, iPods and many other electronic gadgets.

Studies show that loving them even at bed time, I meant to say taking few things to bed and doing few activities right before bed could disturb your sleep. In fact ruins it!!

So, check out the different activities that you must avoid doing before bed time to ensure silent-peaceful sleep. Here they are!

Before sleeping –

  1. Say no to work at bed time

In the modern day’s run, it is quite common that the work load is so heavy that part of it is to be carried all way home and work at bed time. Though it may seem to be fashionable and common, it keeps your mind thinking over and over about the work. Not only this, it leaves your eyes strained, resulting in lack of sleep. That is why stop your work assignments and happily sleep away.

  1. No exercise

You may be a fitness freak! And that doesn’t mean that you start working out even before bed time. Rigorous exercise makes it entirely difficult to get some good sleep. So, it is advisable not to exercise several hours before sleep.

  1. Stop gulping food before bed time

Stop eating food just before bed time as it will be a cause to a accumulation of calories in the body. Completely let go the habit of eating and specially spiced up food before your bed time.

  1. No caffeine

Say a big NO to caffeinated beverages before sleep, as caffeine regulates and boasts the cells giving you no sleep.

  1. No alcohol please

Though alcohol lets you fall asleep faster, it is not advisable as it interferes with other aspects like eye movement.

  1. No arguments

It is hard to fall asleep after a heated argument. It may not let you get some sleep, as the mind keeps on bugging about the issue. Instead don’t loose your cool and stay away from arguments of unresolvable nature.

These are some activities that you completely gotta avoid before sleeping, just to ensure you get proper sleep and peace. As sleep is the most crucial part of life, don’t let something take over your sleep. Time, to stop such activities and sleep peacefully.

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