How Badly Internet Service Providers Offer Services In India


In today’s digital era, we cannot imagine our lives without internet. It won’t be an exaggeration to call it as one of the fundamental needs.

India is home to one of the largest internet users with around 254 million users and the delivery of internet is not at all good. Instead of boosting up the speed is becoming abysmally slow.

In other nations, internet is taking huge leaps which is not the case in our nation. And India cannot afford to go on reverse track as we are hub software and outsourcing and one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Digital India- A Distant Dream.

The nation still has growing base of Internet, and government is planning to have Pan India coverage of internet in few years. But unfortunately Digital India seems to be a distant dream, if this is the state of internet market.

If we take a look at the global picture, we are lagging very behind. According to Akamai’s State of Internet report for Q2 204 confirms that India is ranked at 115th position in the world with average internet speed of 2Mbps.

The number of consumers’ complaints about the slow speed of internet and unprofessional approach on the behalf of operators are mushrooming in every corner of country so much that even PM Narendra Modi has come forward to address the issue.

Hathway : Mumbai’s Hathway Service Provider Is Unwilling To Provide Services At First Place

What can you expect, when the presales of a particular product or service is bad. Our encounter with this particular brand is appalling. What is worst that countless numbers of calls and emails do not move them to take immediate actions.

The officials are least interested in consumers and have turned a blind eye to any problem, even though consumers are ready to pay huge sums for such inferior quality of net. This is nothing but harassment that consumers face.

Along with  bad internet we have to face woes of bad practice by these companies now.

Airtel: Many Felt Disappointed And Cheated By Their Pathetic Services.

From misleading information to no internet to worst service, all the problems are attached with their services. It seems that Airtel’s higher officials are either ignorant about complaints or they do not want to pay any heed. Even after paying exorbitant charges for high speed net, the speed drops to pre historic level of 100Kbps which is very unfair for any customer. Along with us there are many people too have experienced awful service by Airtel, who is considered as one of the best telecommunication brands in India.This particular blog by tech blogger shows how he faced inconveniences by the awful services of Airtel. Check here. 

Apart from these two companies, there are many companies who too are unable to provide best services. We hope that IT ministry or TRAI take a note of this serious issue and make some major measures to improve the prevailing state of affairs of internet in our nation.

Did you too face appalling service from your Internet service providers? Then let us know your case in the comments in below.

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