Planning to bake something soon? Note these tips…

Take a look at things you should keep in mind when you put on those oven gloves….

Baking is in! If you are on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram I am sure you are daily bombarded with pictures of baked desserts to even mains. Looks like, gyms in the country will soon get some good business. Jokes apart, but baking is creating an interest among a lot of people among various age groups.

A lot cooking experts are today out on the ‘world wide web’ giving some seriously gyaan on baking. We thought of giving you some useful tips by tickling your funny bones. So, take a look at things you should keep in mind when you put on those oven gloves….

Use common sense

The first and foremost thing that every human being should keep in mind while entering the kitchen is to apply common sense. In baking, there are too many things to take care of but at times it is best to be logical and not follow all the recipes available on the internet at the same time. 


Feed kids to get an honest opinion

If you want to get a first hand feedback on your experiments then get kids for tasting. Let me warn you they can really be blunt on your face.


Don’t panic

Baking can hit your panic button most of the time. You will always see smoke before a fire break out but don’t reach a level where you will have to call the fire brigade. Never give up,even if you have dedicated a whole day in the kitchen or spent big bucks to get fancy ingredients.  


Try not experimenting with too many flavours

Experiments are good but keep in mind that you are making items that should be edible. Don’t confuse yourself. There are people at home, friends and other dear ones who have high expectations from you. Don’t disappoint them. 



 So keep calm and bake well soon!

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