5 Indian Street Foods That Caught America’s Fancy

Indian street foods

The typical Indian street foods have biggest draw with the American foodies too and why are we not surprised? Indian street food has all the spice and tang one needs to tickle the taste buds.

Ranging from Panipuris to Tunde Kebabs, Indian cities have by and large catered lip-smacking delicacies and now they are taking the Americans by surprise too. Street food in India also comes in non-vegetarian varieties which satiate both the spice and non-veg cravings of the meat lovers.

They prepare the foods with standout acuity and we are so proud that the businesses are spreading wider wings.

Here are such Indian street foods options that you can’t dodge past:

Tunde Kebab:

This needs the first mention for the soul-stirring taste and aroma. Tunde Kebabs are a speciality of Lucknow which was first introduced by Haji Murad Ali. It’s a buffalo meat galouti kebab in which mostly minced meat used.


It is a migratory food which originated in Tibet and mostly eaten in Nepal. The spicy street food however charmed the international hearts too. This is made from wrapping and steaming vegetables inside a thin envelop of flour bread with a side of really spicy tomato and garlic chutney.

Indian street foods


Call it Phuchka, Panipuri, Golgappe whatever but it has the same merits to leave you wanting for more. The spicy-tangy-minty delight gives your mouth a real feast!

Indian street foods


Papdichaat is the commonest food option in Indian streets which are available in different flavours of yogurt, tamarind water and Pudina chutney toppings.

Indian street foods

Vada Pav:

Originated in Mumbai, Vada Pav keeps you full for long. This is the Indian version of Burger spiked with Indian spicy flavours.

Indian street foods

These are Indian street foods – Those living far from India now can feel their own ethnic food in the American soil itself. Isn’t it great to taste your ethnic food sitting far away from your home? Of course it is!

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