Food For Thought: 8 Indian Foods Which Are Famous At International Level


India’s rich heritage of foods and flavours has gone beyond the borders.

It has travelled quite far and wide, satiating global taste buds. Some Indian foods are immensely popular and are available in many countries like UK, USA, Canada and Middle East.

According to the survey by CNN Travel, India is included in top 50 cuisines in the world, now that’s great news indeed.

It has influenced many international cuisines as international chefs try and reinvent some of our popular Indian dishes.

The reason why Indian food is ranking in top cuisines in the world is due its palatable, inexpensive and convenient nature.

1. Masala Dosa

For some this could be amusing news that this South Indian spicy wrap is quite famous at international level. It is touted as one of the best Indian dishes and it is also among the dishes every global citizen should try it once in their life.


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