Shhh.. Your Ice-Cream Has Something To Say About You


Ice-Cream – What you’re going to read is truly not a joke. Many of you would take it funny, if someone tells you that your favorite ice-cream flavor depicts about your personality. Your choices speak for you, what type of person you are, everything.

So, just pick one flavor, your favorite one and let us take you to know yourself.

One favor that tells everything, go on reading, it’s quite fun.

  1. Vanila Ice – Cream

So you go for the Vanllia? Don’t worry you’re not plain, you are just simple and sober. There are many few people left like you. You are a kind-hearted and gentleperson, some might take you as mainstream, but trust us you are class.

  1. Chocolate Ice-Cream.

Being self-centered is not always bad. Yes, you’re a bit self-centered, but also you are a happy person. You have quite strong and effective views about certain situations and conditions. Your travel leisure are hills, where you enjoy the breeze of solitude. You’re special, no ordinary. You’re a gem!

  1. Strawberry Ice-cream

Hey cutie! Not a new compliment for you, you are cute, soft and the chocolate boy of your hood. You don’t go harsh; hatred is not your way. You want peace, spread and get peace. Once again, ‘Hey Cutie’


  1. Coffee Ice – Cream

You like to sit in a calm place, reading books. You love to explore the history. You are introvert, a little stubborn. You go for vintage things. You’re creative, an artist. You are the person who work hard in silence.


  1. Choco-chip and Mint Ice-Cream

Out of the box, you stand out of the crowd. You have your own style of doing things. You’re cool and love enthralling activities. You drive towards success with confidence and subtle behavior. You don’t have to chase your desires; your actions make you reach there easily. You’re a package, go out and listen to whistles from girls.


  1. Cookie-crumb ice cream

You love Art, right? You are crafty. You are trustworthy, compliant and accountable. You consider things on a serious note. You know how to tackle the biggest problems and you don’t go out of your pocket. You are balanced, a real champion.


Some are a witty kind of person, some are aggressive, trust me your choices, espoically in terms of ice-cream can spread the word that how as a person are you. So next time you go on a blind date, choose wisely.

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