How are donuts attracting India’s sweet tooth? Take a look…

Ever wondered why donuts shops are opening at every popular street of India? Here are few conclusions we could come with on how are donuts attracting India’s sweet tooth population…


It is heard that Krispy Kreme Donuts and Dunkin Donuts are all set to open more shops in India in the first half of 2014. Hmm! Looks like Americanisation is truly getting routed in the Indian soils. It can be observed that these days a lot of people in Indian urban cities prefer a box of donuts over ‘mithai’ on various occasions.   

We were wondering what has led to this sudden change in taste over one donut sharing evening. And, here are few conclusions we could come with on how are donuts attracting India’s sweet tooth population…


The idea of vegetarian donuts is attracting many souls


There are over 500 millions vegetarians in India. There are vegetarians who don’t even indulge eggs in their meals. Considering this as a potential category to tap on, many local brands emerged and introduced ‘Veg Donuts’ for the first time in the market. This is the main reason that has led to the addition of more donut consumers in India.

The interesting flavours on the menu taste good too

From spicy donut to a cheese one to even the sweet donuts, brands are experimenting with every possible variation to attract everyone. Though some of these experiments taste awful there are many other that blends perfectly well with classic donuts and off course with a cup of coffee.

Donut chains are pricing it light

Anything that is light to the pocket attracts Indians. Indians also love the concept of combo offers the most. Keeping this in mind donut brands are rolling out attractive packages throughout the year at various occasions. Pricing it wise is something brands are doing right.

Social media marketing is clicking well

In the age of new media everyone wants to display day to day details. Check-ins are the most popular posts that people like to update. Donuts brands clearly have tracked these people are making interesting efforts to target potential consumers. 

Okay, then stop drooling go grab a donut and enjoy your Friday!



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