Five Reasons Why Healthy Good Fats Should Be Part Of Your Diet

good fats

Good fats – We see a lot of people thinking wrong about fats and take it to be the sole reason for putting on weight. But this is actually not true! There are some really good fats that are very essential for the everyday diet. This is only because they are two types of fats – one being saturated fats and other unsaturated fats.

While the saturated fats load the body with very high levels of fats, the unsaturated fats like the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are good for your health.

You may be wondering why exactly I say fats and healthy fats and they being healthy. So, here we present you some most prominent benefits of including good fats into your daily diet. Take a look.

Good fats – 

  1. No more dry lifeless skin

The unsaturated fats in food like walnuts, avocado, salmon etc hold up a good amount of moisture to in the skin adding glow and pluming it up. I know we all wish to have lustrous growing skin.  So, it’s time you take in the right kind of fats in your daily diet and in required quantity.

  1. Energy booster

It is always important to take in good fats or include them in the diet. This is because 1 gram of fat is said to give about 9 calories which means energy flow into the body. Why think of those artificial energy boosters?

  1. Say good bye to joint pains 

Omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing problems like arthritis.

  1. Body temperature 

Fats are usually known to maintain right temperature to the body as the layer of fat provides you with protection from cold bittering climate. Stay calm and prevented from the bittering cold!!

  1. Right nutrients into the body 

Not carbohydrates or proteins, it is the fat that absorbs the nutrients into the body. These nutrients like vitamin A, E, D helps the body in a variety of activities like maintaining the right kind of immune system, prevents blood clotting and many other benefits.

So, these are some reasons why you gotta take in some good fats in the way of daily diet. Time to include some fats and stay healthy and active!

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