Eternal Flame WaterFalls New York Attractions a Mystery of Nature

eternal flame waterfalls

The Eternal Flame waterfalls New York are identified with a beautiful flame of light lit in between the waterfalls. The stream of water falling from above does not affect the burning flame. It is an amazing mystery of nature that the flames burn without any disturbances of the water splits or the breeze in the air. The small eternal flame lies behind the continuous flow of water from the small waterfalls burns in the section of the chestnut ridge New York.

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Reason for the burning of the small flame

It is a beautiful creation of nature itself that has given this eternal flame falls located in a park. The burning of the fire is possible due to the continuous evolving gas from beneath the stones. It is a natural gas that comes out from a small hollow of stones.

The location of the Shale Creek Preserve is a small place surrounded by pines and hemlock. Moving through the paths of the greeneries the Eternal flame is present within the shale steps. These natural shale rocks evolve the gases from a small grotto. The flames can be extinguished anytime and relit, so it only develops a classy ambience to the entire waterfalls.

Composition of the Flame grotto

The gas evolving from the shale rock is a composition of propane and ethane. The evolution is low enough to just light the flame throughout the year. It is not dangerous to cause any damages to burn or cause an explosion. About an amount of approx 900 grams to 1 kg of gas that helps to the lit and increase the essence of the waterfalls.

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Shale rocks of eternal flame waterfalls New York

The proximity of the shale rocks is around the areas of water and sediments. The rocks are forms by the sediments of gases and other minerals. Its composition is natural that are in use for various commercial uses.

Shale Rocks minerals and gases are rich in natural gases and petroleum. The sediments of the rocks are with oil below and above are the natural gases. This is the reason that the flames do not extinguish due the natural gases. It is a compact tank of fuel for the flames burning throughout the year in Chestnut Ridge Park.

The black rocks with the waterfalls engrave the view to the heart of the visitors. The soothing sound of the streams of water, with the rocks and the small yellow flame, is memorable. It is a 35 ft waterfall that stands with the gaseous grotto for several years.

The production of carbon gases is also for years which is a unique gift of nature to the eternal flame waterfalls. Experiencing the amazing nature’s connection of the natural gases, the mesmerizing wet rocks, the flow of water is breathtaking.

The eternal flame waterfalls New york is a paradigm of the earth with the hot rocks due to the gases and coolness of water falling from above.  It is a contrast of nature’s separate resources that are seen in the small waterfalls.

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