This Is The Benefit Of Washing Face With Oil Instead OF Water!

Benefits Of Oil Cleansing Method

Benefits Of Oil Cleansing Method – Washing face with oil…REALLY?

I know that many people right now are extremely SURPRISED by this. I know you’re thinking “How can someone wash their Face with oil?” or “Why would someone want to wash their Face with oil?” Let me tell you; that I totally understand all these questions coming from you. For some, washing Face with oil might seem like a big deal but others who already have an idea knows that oil cleansing is a best method to remove all the dirt.

“Oil Cleansing Method” is very popular and many people believe into following this one. For people with an oily skin can also use this method to prevent problems like blackheads, dirt etc. Most importantly; when you apply oil and massage your Face, your pores open up and the oil releases.

WHAT SHOULD BE DONE? In Oil Cleansing Method; place a hot washcloth on your Face for at-least 30 seconds maximum. Once you’re done, apply oil into your skin and make sure to massage every area and keep it for about 30 seconds.

Later, use the hot washcloth to wipe the oil away.

WHAT HAPPENS? Applying oil will make your skin SOFT and like I mentioned, it’ll remove the dirt easily. Plus, the natural oil that you apply dissolves the oil that has hardened on your skin. Later when you wipe the oil away with hot washcloth, the closed pores open up and the dirt comes out.

Coconut oil is the best to use to wash your Face with oil. But IF you haven’t used it earlier, then try using it in a small portion and see the results. You can either do this method in the morning or at night, the choice is yours. Do not do it many times a day, just once is enough.

IF this method is done right, then it can clear your skin and prevent problems too. Oil is a remedy that is used since past and it’s wonders are well-known too. Oil Cleansing Method is simply a part of it and it is considered to be BENEFICIAL.

Benefits Of Oil Cleansing Method. 

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