These So Called Diet Food Items Can Make You Fat !

common diet food

Common diet food – Have you been trying to lose some weight and cut down the amount of fat in your body?

Then, you must be well acquainted with all the “diet food” that are meant to help you drop those kilos. All you need to do is eat them on a regular basis and you will see the results soon enough- by making the pointer on your weighing scale swing further to the right!

Yes, you read that right! Most of the diet food items that claim to give you all the good things to help you reduce your weight, are most of the time made up high sugar content. These can actually make you gain more weight rather than helping you lose it!

Here are some common diet food items that can actually make you fat.

Common diet food

1 – Low-Fat Yogurt

Now you must be wondering how yogurt can make you fat, especially the low-fat variety. Well the packaged low-fat yogurt is flavoured by adding sugar to compensate for the loss of taste that result from removing the fat content. The good natural sugars of the yogurt are removed to add in artificial sweeteners, making it fattening.

2 – Salad Dressing 

The innocent looking bottle of salad dressing that you bought of the store shelf the other day to enhance the taste of your salad can do you more harm than good. These usually come loaded with vegetable oils, sugar and Trans fats that give them their taste.

3 – Sports Drinks 

However much they claim to give you the boost of energy that is needed during a workout session, drinking these can negate all your hard work, all thanks to the high levels of artificial sugar added to them.

4 – Margarine 

This one is a strict no-no! Margarine is a chemical substitute for butter. While it may be low on trans fats, compared to good old butter, it has high amounts of vegetable oil in it and is essentially a chemical composition.

5 – Whole Wheat Bread 

Although whole wheat has a higher fibre content than white wheat or refined wheat flour, both have the same glycaemic index, thus propagating the formation of cholesterol in the body.

These are common diet food – The list does not end here. There are many other such diet food items that are actually fattening for the body. So, the next time you reach for that tub of margarine or bottle of packaged fruit juice, beware!

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