There Are 2 Absolutely Unavoidable Reasons To Visit Goa This February!


What is your take in Goa for you?

The white sandy beaches?

The swaying palms?

Clear sparkling sea?

Well, apart from these three essentials that invite hordes of visitors to Goa every year, there are many more giveaways that the sunny paradise has to offer. Goa’s balmy shores are plentiful in this tiny, glorious slice of India, hugging the country’s western coastline and bounded by the Arabian Sea.

But there’s far more to discover here than the exquisite pleasure of warm sand between your toes.

This February, pep up your stay with some upcoming thrilling festivals.

Let’s have a look at the reasons to visit Goa this February

The Goa Carnival: Celebration of Dance and Colours 

Goa carnival

Goa carnival

To see Goa at the peak of its festivities is during this carnival celebrations. This festival is more like an extravaganza of pageantry, music and colour as each of the main towns in the state hosts its own impressive parade of beautiful floats. As the floats wind their way through the streets accompanied by lively dancers moving in rhythm to the lilting music, the parade is a sight to behold.

Goa dance festival

Goa dance festival

The festival is a legacy of several hundred years of Portuguese rule. While some consider it to be a relic of ancient pagan rituals honouring the gods of fertility, nature and wine, others consider it a festival that marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The three-day festivities begin on the Saturday before Ash Wednesday which usually falls in late February or in the first fortnight of March. The first parade is held in Panjim followed by pageants in the other cities. Atop the main float is King Momo, the mock king of revelry and chaos who presides over the festivities. As King Momo and his entourage all attired in colourful costume pass by, they wave to the crowds who respond with enthusiastic cheers and shouts of ‘Viva Carnaval!’

Viva carnival

Viva carnival

Dates for Goa Carnival – 14th Feb to 17th Feb 2015 

Cost for Goa Carnival                                                             

No entry fee unless you want to participate in the famous finale dance, the Red and Black dance.

The entry fee for the Red and Black dance is INR. 100/- and table reservation charges are extra.

Goa International Photo Festival: The Call For The Creative Lot

Goa photo festival

Goa photo festival

This one is for all the photography and creativity enthusiasts!

The Goa International Photo Festival, which will be hosted at The One School in North Goa is an event that photography lovers must not miss. It’s an occasion which brings together practicing and future photographers, artists, writers, filmmakers, bloggers and creative people from across the globe. The One School, Goa is a popular education centre in the fields of photography, multimedia and visual communication.

Numerous photographers will be exhibiting their photographs, from the fields of documentary, travel, fashion, fine art and commercial photography. There are quite a few exhibitions at the Photo Festival, which are worth looking forward to. Colours of Goa, Goa in the Rains, Hidden Stories of Goa and Faces of Goa will showcase photos that help portray the spirit of Goa and Goans. World Press Photo will provide the platform to exhibit creativity in photojournalism, encouraging press photographers from around the world. Each exhibition at the Goa International photo Festival is unique with a subject that’s bound to impress photography enthusiasts.

The theme of the open call for entries to this photo festival is “Faith”. As the event’s website describes, ‘Faith is an understanding or relationship that exists between two objects or two souls, be it animate or inanimate.’

We hear that in 2014, a record number of 5,754 photographers from 132 countries submitted 98,671 pictures to be judged, which covered topics right from news to sports and portraits and much more.

This year expectations are definitely soaring high. 

Dates for Goa International Photo Festival: 10th February 2015 to 21 February, 2015 

Venue: The One School Goa, House 131, S.No: 12/4, Village Uccassaim, Bardez, Goa – 403507 

So, if you are a photo fanatic, you must attend this stimulating festival, if you are not, you must attend to witness the photographic masterpieces from around the world. The festival coincides with Goa Carnival, so make sure that you attend both.

The city of fun and frolic is calling for some real good reasons. Time to pack your bags and head to Goa.

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