Pangot – A Remote Location In Himalaya – Is A Home To Over 150 Species Of Birds

Holiday in Himalaya. If you are itching for a break to chill and unwind from your fast-paced, hectic life, Pangot in Uttarakhand is the perfect place to drain out all stress. Read on to find out more about this small, quaint hamlet.

There are innumerable scenic destinations in Uttarakhand, but this small, little-known hamlet of Pangot is like a trip back home. 

Nestled on the off-side of Himalaya, this quaint village exhibits the nature’s way at its best. 

Through the day, all you can hear is chirping of birds and gushing of breeze. 

Although most North Indians would opt for Nainital as a holiday destination, drive up a bit, and you can actually feel the beauty Nainital once had been. 

Reaching There 

Pangot is about 15 kms further from Nainital, and you would drive through pristine forest roads to reach here. Car is the best option to reach this lesser known hill station. Either you can hire a cab directly to Pangot from Delhi, or reach Nainital by bus and then hire a taxi to Pangot. On your way from Nainital, drive through the forests of Cheena peak range; stop by at snow view point and Kilbury for excellent views of lush green meadows, floating clouds and snow peaked mountains far away. One can visit Pangot in summers for Himalayan chill, or in winters to witness the snowy marvel. 

Whatever be the time, Pangot is tranquil and meditative all year round. 

What to Eat 

Food here is very basic, but very homey, including the usual north Indian food like parantha, rice and dal. Pangot is a very small hill station, so eating places are all in the range of 1-2 kms. 

The best option is to eat freshly made food at your hotel. 

Where to Stay 

There are some very good, cottage style hotels in Pangot, with gorgeous views. However, the staying options are limited to just 4 or 5. If you can manage, make an advanced hotel booking, but just dropping by without reservation will not leave you roofless. If you don’t find a commercial accommodation, perching over at a local residence will be as hospitable. The properties that have cropped up here belong to residents who have moved to other cities. The hamlet does not see huge tourist crowds, so you will easily get a luxurious room at a reasonable rate. 

Do bargain, or maybe get meals included in the tariff, because sometimes the rates are jacked up. 

What to Do 

When in Pangot, throw off those slippers and just chill! There is nothing much touristy to do at Pangot. One can go for walks in the forest and soak in the sun, listen to birds and devour the untouched beauty of nature. If you really want to visit a place, plan a day visit to nearby lakes like Saat Tal and Naukuchia Tal. Pangot and surrounding regions are fed by several perennial and seasonal streams, so you can also go on your own exploration trek to marvel in nature’s beauty. The forest area in Pangot itself is not very thick and it is an easy hike. You will also find small, open green pastures on your way. 

If you love to observe birds, park yourself at Snow View Point or Kilbury, the best places for bird watching. 

Travel tips 

Tell your folks at home that you will not be able to contact them for the number of days you are staying there, because mobile network connectivity is scarce to nil. Withdraw sufficient amount of money, because there are no ATMs in Pangot. Also, carry binoculars if you are interested in bird watching. 

Carry light woollens, it gets a bit chilly in the nights and mornings, and is pleasant during the day. 

Interesting Facts 

This small hamlet, in a remote location in Himalaya, is home to over 150 species of birds. The surrounding forests are also home to sambar, leopard, barking deer and ghorals. 

Although Pangot is a safe place to be, avoid going out after sunset, as the area is pitch dark after sundown. 

If you would rather stay back and soak in warm sun, so be it! Pangot will not disappoint you any ways!

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