Breakfast trail in #Pune

Pune holds a strong reputation when it comes to food and for someone who can wake up early, it can be a gastronomical treat. Find a few awesomesauce breakfast places in the city.

The land of peshwas believes in serving its locals a hearty breakfast. When I say pehwas, don’t get carried away with wada pavs, upmas, cheera or poha, Pune’s breakfast club has a lot more to offer than that.

You could thank the abundance of college goers or just the early birds, Pune has a plethora of breakfast places that will make you tummy happy and give your day a brilliant start. The options can vary from a Rs.20 Poha at Priyadarshani, foundly known as PD (near MM college) to a masala pav with Rs.10 cold coffee at Durga (near KPIT). If sitting on your bike and grabbing a quick breakfast is not your thing, then you could scout for a parking spot and head to one Goodluck for an omelette accompanied by brun and tea, all under Rs.100 or even less. These are just a few names to suggest, there is a lot more you could try. We picked out a few breakfast places that are usually packed for their strong reputation of serving a delicious breakfast serving.


From the west to Pune
Café Goodluck has been around since 1935 (that sure is a very long ago).Located at the intersection of Fergusson college road and Bhandarkar road, this café has regulars that you could spot easily. Just like any other Irani Café this place serves plates after plates of Brun and tea along with countless numbers of egg preperations. You will be floored by the aroma or smitten by the vibe. It only has some 40 odd tables but the service is so fast that you could be done with you breakfast in just about 20 minutes tops.

If you move further towards Pune station (Ruby hall), Vohuman Café is your place. The man at the counter will make you smile, not just with his charming persona, but the menu that he has for his patrons. When I last went I heard rumours about him shutting down. So make sure you visit a couple of times before that happen (every time you visit make a silent prayer that they never shut down). 

A new entry to this English breakfast scene is Skips café at Aundh. It is a tiny place bang opposite Croma with just about 8 odd tables. It feels like your grandma is fixing you a wholesome breakfast. It is only of the very few places in Aundh that offer bacon, pancakes, sausages along with an entire spread of English breakfast and health juices.


Purepur Marathi

When in Pune, eat like a puneri would. Starting your day with spicy missal and oily wada pav might sound a bit fattening but it will fill you up well enough to survive till lunch. Few of the famous names would be Vaishali, Roopali or Wadeshwear but there is a whole lot more that you could explore.

If you aren’t picky about the ambiance then you have a lot of option for a nice breakfast. If you are around Kamla Nehru park then you can pick from a steaming batch of kanda poha to homemade vegetable juices. For missal, your best bet would be Amrutulya or Badshahi at Tilak road.


Give me some sambar
There is one thing we miss in Pune and that would be a piping hot cup of filter coffee. How we wished we could get some authentic sambar in this city. None the less we found Idlicious hidden inside a shopping complex in Baner which gave us a little home. They also have an outlet in Aundh. Hail their sambar!

Apart from these regular joints you will spot middle aged aunties by the side of colleges who serve students homemade breakfast. Most day the food is hygienic and even tastes good (MOST DAYS). Breakfast there would hardly cost you Rs. 20 or less and you could get a new dish every day.  

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