Ten Things You Must Pack For Any Vacation

Apart from booking tickets and getting excited, there is something else that needs to done when you plan a trip. Packing for a vacation can get confusing so here we bring you the essentials for any vacation

You have booked that flight and are all to rock the holiday now!

But then comes the huge task of packing. Most people are not too excited about it and a lot of times forget the essentials for a trip. Packing stuff mostly follows the ‘to each his own’ philosophy but there are certain items that we all carry while on a holiday. Here are the ten must haves for the next vacation you are planning to take.


With a thousand ways of sharing photographs these days, you just cannot afford to not have a camera while holidaying. You might visit a place once, but with photographs you can revisit it whenever you want!


A trip is always full of surprises and you can never guess what’s in store for you in a new state or country. It is wise to always carry an ID with you, be it in the form of a passport or driving licence.

Extra luggage:

A trip can mean shopping to a lot of people and even otherwise, you might want to buy the local items or gifts for your loved ones. Carrying extra luggage in the form of shopping bags or duffel bags always comes in handy.

First aid kit:

A holiday should be full of happiness and joy. But it is never a bad idea to be prepared for the worst. Carry basic medicines for headache, vomiting and fatigue. Band-aid and some cotton won’t take too much space in your luggage.


It might seems like a bulky item to carry but can be very useful. Even with a DSLR, you may run out of memory in your camera. You can store the photographs in your laptop and create space. From playing music to being available to your friends, colleagues or family, a laptop can help in a lot of ways.

Hand Sanitizer:

Hygiene is something that shouldn’t be compromised with. There are times during a trip when you end up traveling for long hours in unhygienic conditions. A hand sanitizer will come in handy if you have to eat or freshen up in the middle of a jungle or on a highway!


From a hill station to a beach, whatever your destination might be, you will always need your flip-flops, the most comfortable form of footwear.


Apart from adding glamour to your photographs, sunglasses protect your eyes against the harmful sun rays. Sunglasses are a must for all seasons and all destinations.


You cannot leave home without this one. It will save your day when you can’t take bath and also when suddenly you realize there is a hot guy/girl in the vicinity. Your deo might help your roommates or it might just save you from them!

All-in-one moisturizer:

Why make your luggage heavy by carrying 20 items when you can do with just an all-in-one moisturizer? Invest in a good one to keep your skin healthy and fresh.

Now pick up that backpack and have a happy holiday!

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