To Shave or Not to Shave, Here is The Answer to a Feminist’s Concern


Shave – The idea of womanhood is on the cusp of change and the power of feminism is uprising.

Needless to say, the practise of perpetuating the archaic patriarchal practices has vanished in thin air. Women are always associated with the arbitrary beauty standards and history says that to keep them from the corporal race and being productive at the capitalist setting because women are more motivated than men in professional realms, studies say.

So beauty has been used as a tool to stave off women from participating in the bread-winning business which, sadly the have so far admitted defeat to.

Shaving too, for that matter is associated with the idea of beauty.

A clean shaven body, perfect cleavage and blemish-free complexion makes a woman commensurate for the love-struck eyes. For this, they relentlessly put themselves through painful treatments. But if looked from another perspective, shaving is necessary for hygiene too. So, the question is, does shaving make you any less of a feminist? Some feminists would say yes because thus far, they have fought for entitling the fellow women to have an agency to make a choice.

This is not a pro-self-rule ideology to raise a resistant frontier against patriarchal mindsets.

The idea is rather simple than what meets the eye, driven by our complexities we complicate it needlessly. Feminist theorists should by now stop judging women on the merits of how often they shave and what amount of make-up layers they put on. This will lead us back to idea of patriarchy which only wallows around judging. If we simply see it as a hygiene concern so the maths will be easier.

Besides, like men shave as a daily habit (keeping aside the No shave November idea), shaving is equally necessary for women too, be it their body or private parts. Whilst it becomes an obsession for many a women to seek riddance from every bit of hair from their body, some keep it simple and just stick to the basic routine of monthly shaving or waxing. To tell you, waxing is not a cakewalk, it takes a lot of pain and the bearing the burn of inflammation in the aftermath.

But women having an abhorrence towards men judging misled by patriarchal narrowness is justified.

This is the time and age of web magazines, television perennially invigorating the hairless trend and when a woman has body hair, it is deemed that she becomes undesirable, which is true to some extent. Come on, who doesn’t want attention or to turn heads? Always staying at the receiving end of sympathy is rather frustrating. We should have our autonomy in the question of shaving. But then, the blabbering mouths should be shut up.

Abject surrender to the ideologies too leaves us demotivated or lead us to a dilemma. If someone questions our daily choices, then what we are but slaves? Time feminists understood that the feminine wiles are pathological, forcing someone against it is autocracy and bigotry.

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