Spiritual Travel Destinations In India That Bring Peace To Your Mind

Spiritual travel destinations in India – India is known for its spirituality all over the world and there are places here that attract tourists from different countries for calmness and relaxation.

We all travel for different reasons.

Some want to see the world, others want a break from routine.

Some want adventure and some just peace of mind.

For those who are on a spiritual journey and want to visit places that can actually make them feel calmer, we have come up with four destinations in India that will soothe your senses and bring peace to your mind.


The land of the Dalai Lama, Dharamsala is full of natural beauty and monasteries that are gorgeous to say the least. Wake up on a smoggy morning and take a walk in McLeod Ganj or just trek to the Bhagsu waterfall for a stunning green view. Interacting with the monks will open new doors and observing their way of life will enlighten you like nothing else.

Our tip: Start your day early when visiting Dharamsala and explore the jungles all around the region that still remain untouched. It will be great if you can find a home stay here and try some local delicacies. There are a number of Buddhist meditation centers that you can join. Don’t miss the chance to meet the Dalai Lama if he is there while you are visiting.


Star-studded skies, white sand and a rich forest cover, Rishikesh will make you fall in love if you know the right places to visit and the right activities to take part in. With a number of meditation and yoga centers, it is the place for those looking to take a break and lead a normal satvik life for a few days. Don’t be foolish to think that river rafting is only for adventure. It can actually open up your mind and make you realize how nature is the most powerful force on the planet. The River Ganga always has a mystical effect on the mind.

Our tip: Spend at least a week here and join a yoga center. Calm your senses by following the strict routine of these centers where a typical day starts at 4.30-5 am. Explore the place more by foot and less by using any other means of transport. Travel light and eat light in Rishikesh. You will be amazed at the detoxification of your body.


For centuries now, people have been visiting Vrindavan to seek Lord Krishna’s blessings. With the Shri Bankey Bihari Temple as its most popular spot, this place comes to life during the festival of Holi. But even otherwise, visiting Vrindavan is like going back in the past and reliving some ancient traditions. Other famous temples here include Madan Mohan temple, Garud Govind temple, Prem mandir and Shahji temple.

Our tip: Meet the famous widows of Vrindavan and spend some time with them. Knowing their history and the way of life is an eye-opener for most people. Learn kindness and compassion at this holy place where Lord Krishna spend his youthful days. Be at any of the temples for an entire day and you will be transported to a different world.


The name itself suggests that it is the place of the Buddha. The Great Buddha Statue, Mahabodhi temple (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and a number of Buddhist monasteries and temples are just some of the popular tourist spots here. The place where Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment is perfect for those who are looking for some enlightenment themselves.

Our tip:Visit all the temples and monasteries made by the people of Bhutan, China, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Tibet and Vietnam here. Yes you heard us right! They are all in Bodhgaya. It will be great if you could switch off your cellphones while visiting this place. Enjoy the holiness of Bodhgaya without getting disturbed and come back truly recharged!

Any destination can become your meditation center depending on your state of mind. So the next time you want some peace, leave all your materialistic pleasures behind and dive into the world of spirituality!

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