The next big sale in town- Political Onions

The good old onion ghost has turned into a comic character. He is not able to scare anybody, rather giving others the tear of fear, the onion is sad to be a part of the big political tamasha.

The poor onion was enjoying his international status when the government curbed it’s stench by asking NABARD to curb its export. The ever eager “bhagidari” government of Sheila Dikshit took a cue from their mistress and began selling them at Rs 50 per kg at 1,000 select points in Delhi from Aug 17. With elections to Delhi assembly round the corner, and tears of 1998 assembly polls still bitter, BJP has announced tonight to sell them cheaper – at Rs 40 per kg.

With monsoon session in place, the demand of onion inside the Parliament canteen has risen multifold. With continuous showers in Delhi, one cannot blame MPs for stalling the parliamentary process and being “anarchist” for the taste of the mighty pyaz pakora.

With Modi calling out the Prime Minister out of his den (ahem) for an open debate, I guess the fall of the onion should be a suitable topic. Not only we will be able to enjoy the salt and pepper variety of dishes by Modi, the bland plates of Manmohan Singh will also be good for constipated souls.

It is really wonderful to imagine political leaders and their parties onionising the politics giving merry days back to the common man. One can clearly see Digvijay Singh standing beside Dikshit selling non-fascist onions. My my…what offerings by Madhu Koda! Two crore rupees with yearly supply of onions. Ambanis selling onions as a gift with sim cards. UPA ensuring onion in food security ration..Vadra buying lands for onions.

With Pakistani onions coming to aid, only one fault in the imagination appears – exchange of terrorists in lieu of onions.

Whatever the price may become, however may the rupee fall, the common man is going to have its plate full of onions. No Bengali will be called Maoist for eating onion by Mamata. The next in line may be the tax-free onion.

The once reason of the king’s fall, the onion is now desperately in search of a place to hide. Who knows what next show it may be forced to?

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