India is Opening Up! Remarkable and Budgeted LGBT Travel Destinations Making Their Way!

LGBT travel destinations in India bring a variety of recreation activities for explorers, thrills for adventure lovers and calming rejuvenation for peace dwellers. Something for everyone is a promise!

We all love to explore India in all its breathtakingly beautiful forms.

It has a lot to offer in terms of culture, historic splendor, colorful people, serene valleys, and bustling lanes; and to top it all, a lot of freedom!

Every holiday maker coming to India wishes to take back home the earthy magic that can be relished for a lifetime.

So does the LGBT community of the world!

As we all know that gays, by and large addressed as LGBTs, are very quite compassionate people and that gives them more reasons to experience the warmth of India and live the passion that the nation holds to it.

Right from the magnificent snowcapped Himalayas to bright sunny beaches bustling with young crowd, from river-banks offering peaceful boat-rides to the stunning street-bazaars, everything seems to be perfect for a budget holiday. LGBT travel destinations in India bring a variety of recreation activities for explorers, thrills for adventure lovers and calming rejuvenation for peace dwellers. Something for everyone is a promise!

And , those who are spiritually inclined need to not worry at all. India is predominantly known for its distinct focus towards spirituality and natural healing methodologies. Hence a gay vacation in India is most appropriate for those who wish to introspect in peaceful surroundings and attain clarity on priorities. Dwelling in such spiritually focused holiday spots awakens the spiritual centre and enhances the union with self and loved ones.

Here are some suggested LGBT holiday destinations in India that promise not to burn a whole in the pockets, yet offer the most memorable holiday of a lifetime.

Backwoods Camp Goa – South Goa

Discover the most ecologically rich region of Goa, where birds prevalent to the Western Ghats and southern India can be found alongside a host of forest species and winter migrants, comprising a bird list of over 250 species.

Nestling against the foothills of the Western Ghats, one of the richest reservoirs of biodiversity in the world – and quietly merging into the tranquil forest of the largest protected area in Goa, Backwoods Camp is the perfect place from which to explore the sanctuary and to discover the region’s distinctive avifauna amidst utterly peaceful surroundings. Simple yet cozy accommodations, traditional local cuisine, warm hospitality, and a host of wildlife! What else you want in smallest of money?

Backwaters at Alapuzzha – Kerala

The green and graceful, palm fringed backwaters of Kerala are unique in themselves. Known all over the world, the tour of Backwaters in Kerala India is considered equivalent to and even much refreshing than the canals in Thailand, or the backwaters in Milan. The sparkling and emerald green waters acquiring the hues of tall huge green palms attract the tourists in quest of serenity and intangible beauty.

We bring you all these in alarmingly affordable prizes.

Amongst the most frequented backwater destinations of India is Alapuzzha, which is often referred to as the Venice of East. In the heart of the backwaters of Alappuzha lies Kuttanad that is referred to as the rice bowl of Kerala owing to the enormous growth of paddy crops. Alappuzha is perfect for a boating holiday and the added benefit is that it comes at a very cheap price!

Shekhawati’s Havelis – Rajasthan

Shekhawati Havelis are the destination for those gay travelers who believe in exploring the art and culture alongside some traditional shopping to nurture the senses. Shekhawati region is divided into various small parts, each one worth spending time at. The small market town of Mandawa has more of a rural Rajasthani village feel and dozens of decorated Shekhawati havelis. For a panoramic view over the town, head up to the terrace of the Mandawa Castle. Jhunjhunu, the Old Capital and largest town in the region located in the north, it has a number of painted havelis, as well as an old palace and numerous temples. Fatehpur, founded in the mid 15th century and taken over by Shekhawati Rajputs in the 18th century, has many painted havelis. Have a look at the frescoes on the walls of the Devra and Singhania Havelis, which combine Indian and Western styles. Ramgarh was once one of Shekhawati’s wealthiest towns. The temples are particularly interesting and provide variation from the havelis. The lovely small town of Mahansar was settled by the prosperous Podder family who dealt in opium and chintz. The town flourished until one of the Podders lost his livelihood when ships carrying opium sunk. The two main attractions are the Mahansar Fort, there’s a heritage hotel there where you can have lunch, and the Sone ki Dukan (Golden Shop) with its gold painted murals that tell the stories of Hindu mythology. Dunlod and Mukundgarh are the craft markets where you can indulge in some guilt free shopping because the Shekhawati region itself is not an exorbitant one.

Well, as such LGBT travelers report no issues during their holidays in India.

Yet, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

One important way to ensure memorable trip is to always approach well-established and trustworthy travel company, which holds sound experience in organizing LGBT tours across the nation.

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