Holiday Providers And Travel Agents Are Fooling You!


Travelling can be fun and a great getaway from the taxing stresses of life!

But since travelling can also be very expensive, many of you look for travel deals and discounts to make it more affordable and you get in touch with various travel agents and holiday providers to get those discounts without any hassle.

But are you getting what you are looking for?

The problem is some of these discounts and offers are bogus and can end up causing major disappointment and serious cash. These travel agencies may actually be fooling you!

Here we will let you in on some of the on-going scams and how to avoid them, saving you money and your sanity.

Vacation Clubs Are All Not A Rosy Picture

These clubs offer membership in return of buying vacations at cheaper prices. The problem is that some of the travel packages may not really be discounted. You can perhaps make comparisons of other travel packages from other places, but the details tend to get in the way as they can be complicated and may vary so much that it’s hard to compare. Also, membership fees for some vacation clubs are through the roof. It makes no sense to pay outrageous fees if you are not even getting a real discount in your travels in the first place. If you are planning to sign up with a vacation club then do so with one that charges moderate prices and that services your social needs.



“Become a Travel Agent” Is A Fools Paradise

Some people are fooled by the “become a travel agent and get travel discounts and freebies” scam. They make you pay a fee and then you get the title of a travel agent. Of course you know that travel agents can get deals on vacations and travelling, but that applies to ones that are employed to a legitimate travel agency and persons in associations. Another thing to keep in mind is that travel perks for travel agents aren’t as grand as they once were anyway, so if you see anything resembling this make a b-line and don’t look back. We guarantee you that this is a scam.



Low Prices Do Not Exist

Prices offered may look good, but the truth is that there are hidden costs and fees that you may not even know about. As a result the cost gets higher and chances are you’ve already locked yourself into making the purchase. Ensure to read the fine print and find out all the costs linked to the vacation before you decide to pay.



Free Trips Are A Huge Myth

You have to ask the question, ‘Why would I be getting a 100% free trip and I didn’t even enter a contest or go on a game show?” If you are offered a free cruise for instance, then chances are you will have to pay your way to get to the cruise ship which may be across the country, then you end up paying the cost of the room they assign to you, the food and drinks, gratuity and entertainment fees. As a result, the cruise ticket was free, but with all the other expenses you’ve racked up, you may have spent more than a person that didn’t win a free trip.


There are a lot of scams in the travel industry, but with proper precautions, you won’t fall prey to their tactics. You have to be skeptical when something seems too good to be true. Make sure to put a thorough research before taking the services of travel agents and holiday providers.

In addition, the customer reviews will tell you a lot about the operations.

Be sure of the offers and free holidays!

Do they seem too good to be true or do they entail bad occurrences as well?

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