Destination: Blue Lagoons, White Beaches, Green Hills, And Grey Caves!

Visakhapatnam, pen named as Vizag, is the port city of Andhra Pradesh, India. Due to its picturesque scenic beauty, this city is called “The Jewel of the East Coast”.

Visakhapatnam, pen named as Vizag, is the port city of Andhra Pradesh, India. 

Due to its picturesque scenic beauty, this city is called “The Jewel of the East Coast”.

From azure lagoons to white sand beaches, beautiful hills, caves to variegated valleys; Visakhapatnam has stored something for everyone.

With an easy reach through air and land routes, Vizag is the place for a perfectly evocative holiday.

It is served by Vishakhapatnam International Airport which is about 12kms from the city and the nearest railway station is Vishakhapatnam Railway Station which sees the rail traffic from almost all parts of the nation.

Best Time to Be a Vizagite

The best time to visit the city is monsoon and winters. Monsoon stays for the months of July to September and winter season falls from November to February. The days are pleasant to roam around, and nights are perfect to cozy up with hot mugs and sultry partners. So basically this is the perfect time for you to pack your bags and head for the city. And When in Vizag, do as the Vizagites do!

Wondering what are they?

Here is a list of things to-do in Vizag

For a soul soothing stroll around the Bay of Bengal Head towards the heart of the city Beach Road or R.K. Beach.  Enjoy chit-chatting sipping into a cup of tea or munching jhalmuri or walk hand-in-hand on the beach with your loved ones.  Besides visiting Visakha Museum don’t miss the Kursura Submarine Museum.  It was the first Museum in Asia to be built off a Submarine.

Even if you are not a morning person, Visakhapatnam will turn you into one.

Because the magnificent view of sunrise at Kailashgiri, is something that one should not really want to miss out. In addition, the uphill trekking is superbly refreshing.

If you still miss out the morning charm of the city, do not fret. Visit Rishikonda beach; a perfect blend of mountains and sea. Take out your shoes; and let your bare foot do the talking with nature as they feel the wet warm sand underneath.  This place can be enjoyed by everyone, if not the aqua fun; then the sumptuous food spread offered by various eateries around can delight your senses.  A must try is Raju Gari Dhaba serving authentic seafood.

Adventure freaks can try surfing and speedboat option too.

Located on the hill top built by Buddhist monks over 2000 years ago, Totla Konda or ‘Hill with stone wells,’ is something which would interest you if you want to peep through the Buddhist history.

Of late, the archeologists discovered certain structural units like Maha Stupa Viharas, 16 Votive Stupas, Chaitya Gruhas, stone pillared congregation halls, 11 rock-cut cisterns, well paved stone pathways, a kitchen complex with three halls and a refectory. Around 15 kilometers from heart of the city, this as well is another perfect spot for uphill hiking.

Situated at a distance of about 35kms approx. from the main city, a rocky headland rising above the sea level; Dolphin Nose would be the beginning of your trip from the another side of the city. The name of the place is derived from the shape of the rock, which resembles a snout of the dolphin.  It is a natural harbor. The drive up the hill to reach dolphin’s nose is awe-inspiring. One can see the almost the city from this height .Back of dolphin nose is Yarada Beach, another treat for eyes. 

Feeling exhausted rushing through the city traffic, never-ending “to do” list and unavoidable meetings?

It’s time to pack your bags and plan a trip to the City of Destiny! 

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