Here Is Your Complete Handbook On Studying Abroad!


There are so many dreams and aspirations when one starts to plan about studying abroad.

As students, most of us seem to have this childlike aspiration of going to a foreign land to acquire education. Because we all know that studying abroad can be an immensely enjoyable experience, with the opportunity to know and understand various cultures, meet different people and experience a different world altogether.

Yet, there are many hurdles and impediments one may face while in an alien land.

Here, we have tried to formulate a handbook for you, so that you plan sensibly and make this once in a lifetime opportunity, a truly rewarding one.

First and Foremost – Open A Bank Account In An International Bank 

One of the primary tasks in your to-do list should be setting up a new bank account, that too with an internationally collaborated bank. The crucial notion behind this is to apply for a debit/credit card so that you do not need to carry cash wherever you go. Also, with this international bank account, your finances would be alligned with your resident country, without much hassles.

Get A Sensible Place To Live At

Once you leave your homeland, your next important mission would be to hunt for a good place to live at. This could be temporary arrangement, before you get a college dorm accomodation or some other officially organised one. Your educational institution, and, if not, several real estate websites, can help you regarding this issue. Make a thorough search before you leave and organise a short-term place beforehand. So that you do not feel stranded after you arrive in another country. It is always a better choice to find a long-term accommodation only after you have reached, keeping in mind vital factors, comprising the distance to your institution and opportunities to socialize, etc.

Maintain Your Important Documentation and Keep It Handy 

Print out and store numerous copies of your passport and other essential documents and make a file. Keep one copy of this documentation at your home and keep one at your workplace or in your handbag. You can keep one copy of all these documents on your mail, so that you can access wherever you need, or in case you lose any copy.

A Part-time Work Opportunity Will Be A Saviour

You must look for part-time working. Especially when in a remote country, where sustainability is a big question mark. Working part-time during your studies is very significant for two particular reasons. It not only brings you some extra stash, which of course you can choose to save or use for your day to day expense, but it also instills a distinct bravado in you. Even if you do not need a stipend, hunt for chances to volunteer, as it facilitates the opportunity of exposure to varied environments, meeting new people, and developing new skills. And the bonus here is, you would be adding supplementary points to your resume through these stint experiences.

Learn To Speak and Understand The Local Language! The Sooner The Better!

You must, as soon as possible, familiarize yourself with commonly needed terms in the local language, such as bathroom, food, money, taxi and a few endearments and salutations, which will save you a hell lot from communication troubles. In addition to this, ensure that you have all the important contacts such as nearby pharmacies, hospitals, local help communities, grocery stores and emergency helplines.

Do Not Let The Loneliness or The Estrangement Bring You Down

When you are out and away from the family, it is imperative that once in a while, you may become homesick, feel dismal due to usual study place or workplace failures, or be unnerved by the new atmosphere. But, never ever lose yourself. Let your determination and perseverance to acquire what you are there for, work for you. Always treating the adversities as challenges, and failures as lessons. This is the time when you can construct a bright future for yourself, and you would know that for sure.

Well, these were a few cursor points to make you ready for the journey if you are all geared up for a study abroad program.

Be the go-getter and get what you are destined for.

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