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When you think of Goa’¦You think of foreigners!!! You think of beaches!!! You think of party!!! You think of churches!!! And you think of fenny!!! Goa, an integral part of India, originally rules by Portuguese, is home to a lot of visitors every year from not only India but around the world.

When you think of Goa… You think of foreigners!!! You think of beaches!!! You think of party!!! You think of churches!!! And you think of fenny!!! Goa, an integral part of India, originally ruled by Portuguese, is home to a lot of visitors every year from not only India but around the world. This small state receives great praise every year mostly during the winter months of September to February. The state has become the second home to foreigners. Indian’s too rush to Goa to embrace recreation and party till they drop!  But is that the true essence of the land? Is Goa a party only a party hot stop? We disagree. Here are a few reasons why you should stand out from the regular crowd and embrace the beauty of the land! It’s time to switch your route from North and head towards the South. Unseen beaches clean and clear sand, but to top it all peace and serenity is what you can expect out of your next vacation.



Located 4kms away from Cansaulim railway station, the church is located at a beautiful hilltop called Cuelim hill and located in the Cansaulim village in South Goa. Earlier 3 Portuguese kings ruled lived in Goa but constantly fought to attain power of the land. To attain success, one of them – King Holger Alvunger poisoned the other two. He later witnessed public out roar and consumed poison. His home is said to be the church of the three kings. According to localites the place is haunted. This church is open only once a year, every 6th January to celebrate the feast of the three kings.

It is worth climbing the hill to witness the breathtaking view of greenery and sea! To enjoy the beauty, it’s advisable to visit the place in the evening to enjoy the colors of the sunset. While not many tourists know of this place, it is a hotspot for nature lovers and a treat to photographers.



Tired of visiting the crowded beaches of the north? Then head towards the Canacona district located in South Goa. You can reach this place either by a local boat from Palolem or through the jungle for a one hour walk surrounded with nature. This beach isn’t a tourist hotspot hence you can plunge your way into the clean and cool sea water and enjoy hours of calm and peace.

This beach is situated in Cancona, 10km away from Agonda and 15kms from Palolem, is another addition to the beautiful beaches of the state. Also known as ‘Khola’ or ‘Little Cola’, the beach is home to white sand and palm trees. For those seeking a tranquil holiday, this is the destination to visit. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy the beautiful sea along with relaxation for the mind and body, then this is the place you should visit!



This 25km drive from Margao will ensure scenic beauty along the road to this calm and peaceful beach. Named after Lord Rama, the beach is home to an ancient fort which displays the majestic stretch of Colva beach and the Canacona stretch. Rather than lying down on the sand, try and climb the mountain top to have a panoramic view of the entire place and feel the beauty of nature. Embrace the cool breeze that will regenerate you.

On returning from Cabo-de-Rama, stop by at the nearby beautiful town of Benaulim. Located in South Goa, the town is home to the remains of a magnificent temple within the village. Since you travelled and witnessed the beauty of nature, it’s time to indulge in some delicious food. Stop by at Papai’s Restaurant to indulge in the tastiest ever crispy fried chicken. A good rate of Rs250 for 5pieces of tender juicy chicken is not bad at all! If you think KFC’s bucket chicken is good, you definitely need to try this out. You will surely forget KFC!

It is always said, “Goa is the land of BBC – Bars, Beaches and Churches” Well this is a fact but exploring the other side of Goa will surely mesmerize you and rejuvenate your mind! Looking for a holiday filled with calm, peace and serenity, head to South! You will find out what you’re looking for. Excited? Head to Goa and fill in your comments below! We are eagerly waiting.

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