How The Youngest Wedding Planner In India Made It Big!

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This being the season for weddings in India, why not talk about wedding planning?

With big, fat weddings a trend in the country, planning for all the grandeur, glitz and extravaganza that is associated with the wedding seems like a huge task and the burden is even greater if the groom, bride or either of the families want a specialized decor, food service, custom arrangement or the likes. And the drama that follows if any small arrangement falls out of place is a complete different story altogether!

WEDDING planning in India

WEDDING planning in India

Well, you wouldn’t have to worry about all this for the wedding that you are planning to have in the near future, Amrit Dugar, a very young but experienced wedding planner assures you through his service.

If you too are looking forward towards a grand and charismatic wedding event that will leave people spellbound, Amrit would give you “the best bang for your buck”.

Amrit Dugar - Youngest Wedding Planner in India

Amrit Dugar – Youngest Wedding Planner in India

He understands that this industry is facing scanty skilled resources and manpower, leading to people’s belief that the wedding planning business is highly unorganized and all over the place. However, Amrit believes that in the past couple of years, the event management industry particularly wedding planning department has undergone drastic changes making the field more competitive, creative, fun, challenging and methodical. The event industry is even witnessing globalization effects but, Amrit says much needs to be done in this regard to meet the global standards.

However, if you come to know about Amrit’s journey to entrepreneurial success in the wedding planning industry, you would be taken aback that he joined his first event company, Rachnoutsav Events Pvt. Ltd. as an intern under Founder, Rakhi Kankaria, just two days after his class 12th board exams. The youngest wedding planner, Amrit attended college alongside and undertook three years of training for four hours a day. He learnt all concepts and practices for event management with his training in fields like Office Assistance, Marketing, Administration and Production.

He has put in great efforts and even greater hours of passionate work while earning first a stipend of only Rupees 2000 and later after the completion of internship a mere 4000 rupees.

Later in the year 2007, when Amrit decided on starting a wedding planning company called PARINAY and thought of collaborating with Rachnoutsav, Rakhi came up with a master plan for Amrit making him a Wedding Planner at Rachnoutsav and later crowning him with the title of the Head of Wedding Planning Department at Rachnoutsav with his own team.

As the Head of this wedding planning department, Amrit has become a young achiever and earned many accolades at each wedding the team plans, as they have outdone their endeavours every time. Amrit has even managed three back to back weddings, all with different themes along with the celebrations associated with marriages like sangeet and mehndi, etc.

Vishakapatnam was the place where two weddings took place in a family on the same day and a third standalone wedding was also to take place at the same area as per the client’s needs and the event requirements dictated.

Where one of the themes was a South Indian one with hues of off white and saffron used in a combination, the wedding that followed in the same venue was based on an Indian contemporary theme along with dark gold imprints on the elegant off white and saffron accents. The third was on a completely different plan of action: a Purple Lotus theme. All these weddings took place in a short span of eight hours and the day and hour-wise meticulous planning saved the day for Amrit’s team as decor at residences and the wedding venues were planned according to the date of the functions. The material required for decor, carpets, drapes, lighting, and material for the Mandap arrangement had all been packaged and sent to Vizag from Hyderabad.

Amrit Dugar - Parinay

Amrit Dugar – Parinay

To such minute execution of plans, Amrit believes that each and every element that is used in the setting up of the event is segregated according to the needs of the event and shifted or sent to the desired location at the right time. He says, “I love the fact that I get a chance to stay connected with people from different walks of life, be it a Chairman of a billion dollar company or a carpenter, it gives me the high. Finally, the immense responsibility that a father entrusts you with, to make his daughter’s wedding a dream come true, is the ultimate satisfaction in this job.”

Amrit has helped his company win the laurel of being the Best Wedding Planners in India for 2009-2010. He not only heads the management, and Weddings and Celebrations of the company, but also caters to Tech Support and Online security Systems for the company, along with activities, sporting events and procurement needs/demands for weddings and large events.

For aspiring event managers, he believes that there is a much greater scope with some professional training and courses on the same. However, he strongly believes that there is no shortcut to success and after a good academic training, nothing more is required for carving his own niche in the field.

Amrit’s own words of inspiration for the newbies in the field:

“One should be passionate if one wants to make a successful career in this field. Always be open to the ideas. If you have the spark, then sky is the limit for your growth.”

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