Winter skin care tips for girls

Don’t let dry and patchy skin dampen your spirits this winter, we have some handy tips for a glowing skin!

Winter skin is dry, patchy and often darker than your summer skin. This is also the time when you get spots and break outs on your face. Here are some handy tips to keep your winter skin glowing!

Winter moisturizers:
These moisturizers have cold cream in them, which will prevent your skin dehydration. As the winter wind wreck havoc with your skin, go for a quick fix-it with this simple solution.

Cleansing with cold milk:
Instead of using water, which can rob your skin off nutrients in winters, go for cold milk. Use a cotton ball to wipe your face clean with cold milk that will also help open up the pores.

Face packs:
You must apply a nourishing face pack at least once a week during winters. Avocado, which has excellent moisturizing properties, can be mashed and applied on the face, neck and even hair.

Aloe vera:
It will help fights dryness and acne and is also a superb toner! Use the gel on your face neck, before going to bed and wash off in the morning for a glowing skin!

Sun screen:
The sun’s harmful rays are very much present in the atmosphere during winters, so invest in a sunscreen with a good SPF level.

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