Weekend beauty regime

Follow our weekend beauty guide to give a healthy boost to your face, body and hair…


Follow our weekend beauty guide to give a healthy boost to your face, body and hair…

Face: Splash some lukewarm water on your face and clean it with a mild face wash. Wet a clean towel with hot water and keep it over your face for a few minutes. The steam will help in opening up the pores. Take out some face scrub on your palm and put small dots of it all over your face. Use your fingers in circular motion to gently scrub your skin properly, including the neck area. Take your time to do it but don’t put too much pressure with your fingers. Wash thoroughly  with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean towel or tissue. Put on a face mask of your choice but try and pick those organic ones as they are free of harmful chemicals. Let it on for around 15 to 20 minutes until it is dry, but no longer than that as it may cause wrinkles to appear. Do it when you are alone or there is nobody who will make you laugh or talk while the mask is on to avoid wrinkles. Clean thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat dry. Apply rose water or a toner and then a moisturiser. Repeat the process every once or twice a week for a clean, glowing, younger looking skin.

Body: Before you go for a bath, set the mood right of your bathroom and give it a spa-style feel. Light up a few incensed candles; play some mild, relaxing music on your phone and keep it carefully at a dry place, preferably at a height; fill your bathtub or bucket with lukewarm to warm water and pour in a handful of bath salts. Soak yourself in water for a few minutes. Rub your body with a scrub or exfoliate using a brush. It will boost up your body and also improve the skin texture. You can buy and keep a few exotic or organic scrubs and bath salts, so that you can go in for a different feel and fragrance each time you indulge in a beauty bath. Don’t hurry up and take your time to completely immerse in bliss. After scrubbing, gently wash with lukewarm water and dry with a clean cloth. Massage your body with a non-sticky, mildly fragranced body oil and enjoy a supple, soft skin.  

Hair: Do this at night, before going off to sleep. Mix a couple of oils together like almond, olive and coconut with a few drops of castor oil and heat it slightly until it becomes lukewarm. Massage gently on your scalp and hair. Dab a clean towel with water, making sure that is it only slightly wet and heat until it is mildly warm. Wrap around your head and relax for half-an-hour. This will ensure that the oil is properly absorbed by the skin and hair, and will also calm you down. Remove the towel and leave the oil in your hair overnight. Wash the next morning for shiny, lively hair.

Hands and feet: If you don’t get the time to regularly go for manicure and pedicure, your hands and feel may look lifeless, dry and dull. Pour some warm water in a tub, mix a very mild soap solution in it and soak your feet for a few minutes. Use a scrub to clear out all the dirt and dead skin. Pat dry and massage properly with an oil or cream for a few minutes, and leave it on. For your hands, you can soak them in a warm, soapy water for a few minutes and then gently rub to remove all dead skin and dirt. You can also use a scrub. Massage well with a body oil or cream and put on a nice shade of nail polish. Remember to always keep them well moisturised to avoid the skin from breaking out.  

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