Picture says all: Kejriwal kisses and makes it with Sibal

Kejriwal and Sibal share a warm hug with broad smiles in latter’s lok sabha constituency Chandni Chowk while celebrating Eid.

If there was no voice to describe something, or no words, pictures would have been enough to make people understand their feelings. And one was pulled right for you ladies and gentlemen on the streets of Old Delhi.

Behold the mighty people of Delhi for here is a rare sight of your chief minister Arvind Kejriwal giving ‘jadoo ki jhappi’ to the most criticised UPA minister of all times by the Aam Aadmi Party, yes you guessed it right, Kapil Sibal!

The Sheikhan mosque of Chadni Chowk was witness of this memorable moment when the two leaders hugged each other. Whether it was the auspicious occasion, or just a courtesy, Sibal and Kejriwal were sharing stage, smiles and what not. The spirit of partnership was large writ on both faces.

Mind you that it was only last year when Kejriwal had accused Sibal of having a conflict of interest in Vodafone tax case. Sibal’s son Amit Sibal had even filed a defamation case against Kejriwal who had been regularly targeting Sibal on corruption charges.

Sibal had, on several occasions, dismissed AAP and Kejriwal’s banters in very strong words. But this one was a very good display of togetherness that was forged after AAP formed a government in Delhi with Congress.

In fact it might be killing two birds with one arrow as both the parties are prepping for general elections where they might be helpful to each other as they have to counter one enemy. Chandani Chowk happens to be Sibal’s lok sabha seat and everybody is aware how much minority vote matters.

So here was Kejriwal, who claims to do “different” politics, wearing a skull cap and sitting with a minister of “dirty, evil and corrupt” UPA government, proving that there was actually “no different formula” to do politics.

What to say more…the picture says it all.

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