These Painful Procedures For Beautification Of Women In History Will Surely Boil Your Blood

Painful procedures for beautification of women

.Painful procedures for beautification of women – Women have been vulnerable to beauty norms since historic times.

They had to keep adopting new painful techniques to match the beauty standards of the society which have been making it hard for them to survive in the pink of their health.

History has recorded a lot of unbearable techniques of beautification which were forced on women in order to become beautiful and no matter how narrow minded you might be these techniques will surely boil your blood enough to boycott beauty measures that society keeps setting for you.

Here are the 5 most Painful procedures for beautification of women that are inhuman too:

Painful procedures for beautification of women – 


Corsets were very famous in royal places like Britain in the early history. They had an inner base of wood which were tightly wrapped around the waist of women in order to keep it slim and trim. They caused many problems to a woman’s body which included breathing problems, organ problems, back problems and structural problems. These were draped around girls at the age of 14 or 15 and eventually were made to become a part of their body. They were taken off once the girl used to enter her youth and the result was a normal body with an ultra-thin waist. This was to make them beautiful? How could no one show the slightest sign of mercy on women? How?

Painful procedures for beautification of women

Rib Removal:

This was an entire beautification surgery that was practiced on women in early times. The floating ribs were surgically removed from a woman’s body in order to keep her waist slim. After the surgery, the women were made to wear magnetic corsets which gave her a support to get used to the missing ribs. This procedure obviously caused a lot of problems for women including organ damage and other infections as the process of surgeries at that time was really complicated and difficult to carry on.

Painful procedures for beautification of women

Tapeworm breeding in Intestine:

Women were made to consume tapeworm cystic capsules which gave birth to tapeworms in the intestines of women and then they let them breed there in order to make women lose weight naturally. These worms used to multiply and cause problems like nausea, vomiting and other fatal diseases. Is this beauty all about? Disgusting!

Painful procedures for beautification of women

Teeth Blackening:

This was one of the common practices in Japan but was banned in 1870 by the Japanese government. This was the process of applying harmful chemicals to the teeth of young girls on the daily basis.  This process used to make their teeth absolutely black as they reach their youth. Black teeth of women were considered aristocrat in Japan. And a lot of women fell victim to fatal allergic reactions and unbearable pains in their jaws. The main point is that does it even make sense?

Painful procedures for beautification of women

Foot Binding:

This practice was common in China and was definitely one of the cruelest beautification processes ever. The feet of women were draped in tight bandages to fit shoes which were smaller than tea-cups. This was done to them for several years till the time their feet take the shape of those shoes. The result caused them the inability to walk and their feet become highly deformed. Women in later ages had to walk using a stick as smaller the feet.

Painful procedures for beautification of women

These are painful procedures for beautification of women – There have been a lot of practices in history which were experimented on women in order to make them beautiful. No body actually cared about the harmful effects it had on them.

Women are not objects. And I am glad that education has played quite a nice role to help people understand the fatalness of these processes. And ultimately helped to abolish these from the society.

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