How do a French braid bun

Here’s how you can make a simple French braid bun in five easy steps. Time to shine, ladies!

French braids are classy, but the French braid bun is sleek and trendy. It looks fabulous with every outfit and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Here’s how you can make a chic French braid bun in easy steps. Read on:

Step 1:
Brush your hair thoroughly and work a bit of mousse onto it. This will help manage your hair better and the knots will be better defined. You can also use stay-on hairspray or styling gel on your hair.


Step 2:
Pull a bunch of hair from near the temple and make a French braid that runs across your head. It’s okay for stray hairs to pop out as they can be gelled on later. You can continue to spray some spray as you knot your hair so that it remains detangled.


Step 3:
Secure the end with an elastic band and give it a light tug so that you get a evenly messy look. You can also pull out a couple of strands from here and there to give it a messy, out-of-bed feel.


Step 4:
Twist the end of your braid around your head so that the end meats the temple. This will create a messy bun, which you can secure with colourful pins or beads.


Step 5:
Spray on some long lasting hair spray so that the bun stays in shape. You can either dress it up by pinning the ends with beads and decorative jewels or play it down by pulling out strays to give it a casual look. Either works, so experiment!


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