These Are The Hilarious Beauty Parlour Moments Every Girl Pass Through

Hilarious beauty parlour moments

Hilarious beauty parlour moments – Visiting Beauty Parlours are rejuvenating experience in itself where you exhaust your money to feel pampered. Girls sell their souls for looking beautiful and undergo the most painstaking experiences there.

Of course, nothing comes easy, nor does beauty. The mind of a girl is conditioned to bear pain the moment she was born and hence she has no qualms in putting up with the pain that the beauty parlour walis inflict on them.

The beauty treatment that causes overbearing pain is getting your eyebrows done, aside from that getting the bikini wax brings you some embarrassments too. All in all, there are a slew of experiences that a girl goes through in a beauty parlour which is almost akin to watching a circus.

Here are some Hilarious beauty parlour moments – mortifying experiences a girl faces when she goes to a beauty parlour.

Hilarious beauty parlour moments –

1 – Is this your first time:

Of course scooping out time for getting your eyebrows done in the busy schedule is pretty daunting and you end up looking like ‘Krur Singh’ of Chandrakanta with bushy ones of them. However, the girl who does your eyebrow will not leave this opportune moment to scoff at you saying if this is your first time now that your eyebrows are so bushy.

2 – The chin-threading takes forever:

Forget the pain, the chin treading takes forever and you end up realizing if they are pretending to shave a full beard. Well, I am not Virat Kohli who came to rock a full beard woman, hurry up there!

3 – When you are told to wax your legs:

Yes, it’s the monsoon time and you are finally snapped out of your stupor to get a pedicure now that your feet has started to grow fungus on them and they bombard you with discounts in waxing. You are not any likely to wear a miniskirt soon but you still give into their trade cry.

4 – When they chop off all your hair including the ‘damaged part’:

You are told that they will only chop off the damaged part and the scissor won’t seem to stop. You will hence end up feeling like you have come to Balaji temple to offer your hair to god for showing gratitude. Then when you step out, you start fearing about the jibes mom might take at you back home.

5 – In the mid of manicure, you are reprimanded:

They will say the nail-cutting will be pointless because you have bit all your nails down to the cuticles. This didn’t save any of your money though because you are already half-way through the manicure.

6 – You are always told by the woman to separate your eyebrows into two:

That really leaves you in disgust, bloody all the time.

7 – You leave the parlour with red patches all over your face:

This comes at the heels of the newly suggested facial or bleaching. You leave the parlour flabbergasted why you always try to adhere to the society’s arbitrary fashion standards without knowing how to stop.

Hilarious beauty parlour moments – All of the girls there can relate to these pointers because parlours are a significant part of our lives.

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