These Are The 5 Foundation Application Mistakes That Girls Do

Foundation application mistakes

Foundation application mistakes – Foundations are the quintessential part of the make-up regimen that all cosmetics junkies swear by. This type of base make-up has a magical quality to hold your entire made up look for a longer period of time and covering the flaws, pigments and dark patches of your face.

Applying foundation is the trickiest task nevertheless and to master it, you need to know some basic thumb rules and practise more.

In order to look effortlessly dreamy, you need to get your head around the below mentioned rules:

Foundation application mistakes –

  • Blending perfectly: The first and foremost rule of applying foundation perfectly is blending it well. May be last time only you didn’t do. Unblended foundation leaves patchy and flaky edges which wear out with sweat thereby ruining your entire looks. There are blending sponges available across the market but the other viable option is your own fingers. Just go tap tap tap while settling the foundation down all over your face.

  • Understand what your skin needs: There are two reasons why we apply foundation, one is hiding the dark patches and another is to keep the look minimal. There are hence two types of foundations, one gives a sheer finish another gives you full coverage. For this, first you need to find out what you are truly looking to do with the foundation before going about it.

  • Wash your hands: Always remember to wash your hands in order to get rid of dirt that might get stuck on your face as you apply the foundation. Many of us do this common mistake not to wash our hands which is a crime!

  • Don’t forget the neck: If you want to appear flawless in the photos, don’t ignore your neck while applying foundation. It requires the equal attention as your face.

  • Start with a moisturizer: Layering is very important to hold your foundation for a longer time. Always blend in a little moisturizer of apply some moisturizer beforehand so that the foundation gets a base to stay on.

These are the Foundation application mistakes – Trying out these ways will not only make the make-up look flawless but will add the extra oomph to it.

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