Eye make-up according to your eye color!

Here’s a guide to get your eye-make right, according to your eye color.

Eye Makeup

It’s very important to understand what shades work best with your eyes. If you’re light-eyed, some colors can look creepy, so follow these tips to get a stunning pair of eyes. Never try to wear a eye shadow that’s the same color as your eyes, always opt for opposites. Remember, your waterline will look shapely in black, brown and taupe colours only.

If you have blue eyes, you can wear eye shadow of rich Browns , warm taupes, soft peaches and kohl of warm brown and taupe.

Green-eyed women can go for golden browns, warm taupes, deep purples, soft peaches, soft violets and choose a kohl of red- brown, taupe and purple. Grey: You can wear charcoal, cool brown, purple and keep your kohl as charcoal, deep brown, soft purple.

Brown: Perhaps one of the most common eye colors, you can choose from golden brown, blue, green, light mahogany, charcoal to purple. Your kohl can be rich brown, charcoal, taupe and purple.  

Hazel eyes are either a combination of blue and green or brown and green. If it’s the former, choose colors from blue and green, while if it’s the latter, go for shades from brown and green.

You should try gold, copper, bronze, golden brown, silver-grey as eye shadow. And dark grey, navy blue, brown, black, deep plum as your kohl options.

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