Dress As Per Your Height And Bring The Best Out Of You

Dress As Per Your Height

Dress as per your height – A lot of people may say that wear whatever you want and whatever you feel comfortable in.

Well, that might be true but not for those want to look amazing and perfectly styled.

Because to look perfect, you always have to dress as per your body. Majorly, height is the factor that decides what suits your body the best and you simply can’t ignore the fact.

So, if you don’t know what goes best with your height, then we have sorted out how you can dress as per your height and bring the best out of you.

Dress as per your height and get best out of you – 

1. Tall and Bulky

Usually tall and bulky girls are able to carry all sorts of outfits in a pretty decent manner. They have the physique to look good in almost everything. It is recommended to them not to go for extra stylish tops because normal t-shirts work more wonders for them than that. Also, try to create a balance in whatever you wear. If your top is a little lose, then the bottoms must be tight and vice versa.

2. Tall and thin

Tall and thin girls have the liberty to experiment with short and flary clothes. You don’t have to think much before picking designer silhouettes. Make sure you are not wearing tight clothes at all because that will make you look even skinnier.

3. Short and bulky

Neither skin tight nor are heavy clothes meant for the likes of you. It’s best for you to stick with simple designs and try to wear either mid waist or high waist bottoms. Go for brighter hues as they will make you look more beautiful.

4. Short and thin

Polka dots are best for those who are short and thin as it will make them tall as well as a little fat. Mini-skirts and hot pants will make you look gorgeous and you have to be very careful with your footwear too. Do not wear boots ever.

This are the ways you can dress as per your height and look perfectly styled. I know it’s hard to follow rules but when you have to look your level best, you have to wear according to rules. Well, some rules not much!

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