Girls! You Can Flatter THE WORLD, Forget Only The Guys, With These Effortless Looks!

Comfortable fashion trend for girls – When we dress-up, we dress to flatter! Least do we bother about our own comfort. Well, exceptions to the mill are always there.

We’ve long been convinced (thanks to the glam dolls of fashion and cinema world) that, unless an outfit can be described as either boob-a-licious or ass-tastic, nobody’s gonna dig it. 

So when we surveyed the general population (especially guys) about the current trends they liked on women and got answers like “statement sweatshirts” and “pantsuits”, we were surprised to say the least.

Perhaps, we have underestimated the opposite sex’s ability to appreciate the finer points of fashion. Yet, we are not going with the preconceived notion that dressing-up is only about impressing the opposite sex. It has a lot to do with being confident and comfortable, alongside “impressing the world”!

We compiled the best responses; those came out of a general survey about girls’ dressing preferences, by men and women, into this informative slideshow of the sorts.

There’s not a pervy quote in the bunch. (Ok, that’s a lie.)

Statement Sweatshirts

These funky looking pieces add a lot of volume to your personality. At least they show a girl has a sense of humour and confidence, because objectively they’re not remotely attractive, so it takes balls to wear one. Pour out your attitude with the text quotes flashing on your front and appear bombastic. Plus side: these are utterly comfortable for any season at all.




High-waisted Jeans

No, they are not out at all! If you can carry a good high-waist jeans with a trendy short top, you are the queen! High waist jeans  accentuate the figure and make your booty look awesome. They’re tight, which is nice, and still jeans, so that’s normal. You can take care of the little extra meat on your love-handle area with a clever pair of high waist jeans and walk with oodles of style.

Here’s what a hunk of a college grad has to say about those. “Every time I see a woman in high-wasted pants, I find myself looking twice. Not sure what it is about them, but they get my attention!”



Big Sweaters

I find them to be sexy because they give off a very casual and approachable vibe, yet appear so sensuous on a svelte figure! Paint your winters colourful with vibrant, classy and stylish loose sweaters. Pair them with skinny leggings, shorts, skinny pants or a smart pair of jeans along with a sexy pair of boots, and be the style diva! Comfort Score: 10/10



Street-style Pantsuits

A playful attire, for your working hours. Try this classy outfit for those 9-5 boring work hours and make a thrilling statement in utmost comfort. The plus point is that you can play with colours and shades as many as you want, because the suit style will never make it off the shelf for a business outfit. It will always be a formal wear, no matter what colour you choose. If you are clever enough, you can always accessorize it with chunky jewellery for an after work party! Play it loud girl!



Collared Blazer

This little piece is my personal favourites as it blends effortlessly with any garment. Team it up with a skirt, a midi dress, a long flowing maxi, a pair of jeans or even an Indian traditional salwar kameez for that matter, only if you can carry it well with Indian. They come in various materials, prints and colours. Make just a few super choices for your wardrobe and walk out with an added oomph every time, be it a friends’ party or a family occasion!




“Not the baggy university athlete ones,  but the more sleek and utilitarian variety.  It gives off this very sexy, sporty vibe that also looks cool and natural.” says a popular TV News Channel Reporter, who loves to experiment with her attires. Throw on a cotton tee or a spaghetti over this jazzy yet comfy pair of sweatpants and slip in a pair of floaters. There you are! Ready to take the world with that killer look.



Atheltic Wear

As much comfortable they make you while working out, they render equal repose during any hours of the day, even while you are shopping or driving or chilling with friends! Make sure you do not choose boring colours for your sportswear. Jazz them up with some sexy accessories like sling bags and sneakers, and have those heads turn around without any extra effort!


So ladies! You don’t always have to show the skin or dress-up extravagantly to catch the eyes. Dig the comfort first and style will definitely follow! 

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