Career In 3d Animation: 3D or VFX Pipeline Courses in Canada

3D Animation colleges Canada

Canada is currently the hub of animation and visual effects pipeline production in the world. If you thought it is the USA, you are wrong!

Canada recruits more talent in such design related jobs than any other country in the world! No wonder Indian students are applying for study programs in Canada.

If you too are interested to study the basics of 3D animation and VFX and compositing in Canada you should opt for one of the three best colleges there: Fanshawe College, CG Masters School of Animation and VFXor Seneca College.

1) Fanshawe College’s – Program Details

The college is situated in Ontario near London. It offers various Graduate Certificate programs and Degree programs mentioned below:

One-year Graduate Certificate Programs

  • 3D Animation and Character Design
  • Advanced Filmmaking
  • Visual Effects and Editing for Contemporary Media

Two-year Degree programs

  • Contemporary Media: Theory and Production (in collaboration with Brock University)
  • Media Theory and Production (in collaboration with Western University)

Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree for the Two-year degree program, Student Visa, Proficiency in English, IELTS preferred and Valid Health Insurance

Fanshawe College Ontario

Fanshawe College Ontario

2) CG Masters School of Animation and VFX – Program Details

The college is situated near New Westminster in Canada and offers a One Year Advanced 3D Animation & VFX Program

The program covers these topics:

  • Term 1 – Core Skills> Observational Drawing >Camera & Photography>Modelling & Texturing I > Rigging & Scripting I > Animation I > Dynamics I > Lighting & Shading I > Compositing I >Production I
  • Term 2 – Transition to Practice> Modelling & Texturing II > Rigging & Scripting II >Animation II>Particles &Dynamics II > Lighting & Shading II> Compositing II >Production II
  • Term 3 – Practical Training >Production III

Eligibility:Bachelor’s degree, Student Visa, TOEFL or IELTS certificate and Valid Immigration to Canada

CG Master School of 3D Animation

CG Master School of 3D Animation

3) Seneca College – Program Details

The college is situated in York, Toronto, Canada and offers various certificate courses in:

  • Visual Effects for Film and Television
  • Game Art and Animation (2D or Manga)
  • 3D Animation
  • Animation (2D +3D)

Eligibility: Previous Degree (Bachelor’s or Masters, Student Visa, TOEFL and IELTS certificate preferred, Valid Immigration to Canada, Health Insurance and Police record clearance.

The aforementioned institutions offer class-leading, innovative and in-depth training programs in 3D animation and Visual Effects for application in video game design,film and television, and game programming.

Job Prospects After These Courses

  • Most of the pass-outs from these colleges earn handsome salary packages when they come back to India and get recruited in companies like Prana, Red Chillies VFX, Prime Focus to name a few.
  • Humongous job prospects lie in USA like The Walt Disney Company or Dreamworks, if your showreel matches global standards.
Seneca Animation Art Center

Seneca Animation Art Center

Canada is now home to the hub of animation and VFX cleanup projects. A majority of classic movies like Jurassic Park, The Lost World and TV shows like The Borgias and Game of Thrones have been Rotoscoped (green-screen removal) and composited (merging of 3D elements with video or backgrounds) in Canada since there is fresh and raw talent there.

All you have to do is dream big and study the production and post-production pipelines with full concentration and dedication. Animation or visual effects isn’t easy, a hard-worker makes it look easy!

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