Do Foodies Lie to Themselves About Their Food Habit?

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Food habits are a concern for health-related problems if it does not meet the requirements of the body. Somewhere, foodies love to explore the food of all kinds from each corner of the world; while some love to have their favorites after each alternate day. Differentiating the lovers of eateries who feel hungry after each hour enjoying the irresistible crave and their food habits.

So, foodies can be of many types who love to survive on various categories of food but ultimately the response on health actually matters.

What if the smell of the hot Lamb Rogan Gosht is around? Meat lovers will never be able to resist themselves. Often red meat can be harmful to a person who suffers from high cholesterol. Once again meat lovers will start lying to themselves, pursuing as this time is the last time for this week. Resisting craves for food requires an unknown strength from the back of the mind that can help in convincing with a big “No”.

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Egg Eaters! Who does not love to eat eggs? It may be early in the morning during breakfast or at dinner, it is a simple fix for any kind of preparation. Eggs are good for health, it is considered as one of the best protein for the body. Easy to prepare and eat as well! Once again depending on the age, if somewhere one is not being able to control their food habits.

Do foodies lie? Concerned about egg eaters, it can be a matter of worry, if not resisted early. Apart from the cholesterol, it is the heart that starts giving signals to the mind. Eggs are saturated sources of protein but an overdose cannot be resisted. Maybe the mind says something and the heart seeks for something.

Similarly for the non-vegan, nothing can be different if you start lying to yourself. All the reasons for weight increase due to oily foods may be possible due to the same intake on regular basis.

Regular movement of the body irrespective of age required

Exercises on regular basis may or may not be possible for someone. In such cases one can use various methods to reduce calories, being a foodie is not at all a problem. Losing calories may be a problem for those who hate exercise. Walking and dancing are common ways to reduce calories and weight. Some physical exercises will never force you to lie to yourself as a foodie.

Carbohydrates are a necessity but depending on physical movements. A hardworking labor loading and unloading loads will require a higher amount. Comparatively, a man sitting in the office working and carrying out a brain work will require but less than the former.

Foodies will never deny their food habits, irrespective of the damages it causes to the body. So, lying is common it may be on the weekends or regularly. The lesser we cheat with the habits of eateries the better life one can spend healthily!

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