How Can Children Teach Budding Entrepreneurs To Market Their Start-Ups

While the world regard them as children, there’s actually a lot entrepreneurs can learn from them, when it comes to marketing their company.

For somebody who has just moved from the corporate sector to start-up, there would be a lot to learn.

The entrepreneur sector is more about having the right skills, having the right process, and the right heart, rather than having access to the capital or area of study.

The other day, I was watching a child’s activities in the supermarket.

She wanted something, her mother did not approve of.

Yet, in the end she managed to convince her mother to buy it. While the world regard them as children, there’s actually a lot entrepreneurs can learn from them, when it comes to marketing their company.

Here are a few things, a budding entrepreneur can learn from children and implement in his/her company.

– Talk of perks, not facts

Frankly, no kid ever thinks about the content of a pastry- they love it and want it either way. But they do care about the flavour and colour of the pastry.

Similarly, while selling your product or service to your client or customer, talk about the benefits your services will provide and what range will you be able to provide them for. Facts might help you manufacture your products, but the benefits will always help you sell them.

– Keep it simple

It’s hard to not try your best, when it comes to marketing your own company. You want to give your cent percent, so as to not leave even a stone unturned.

Have you ever tried explaining a kid, “why”? Every time you use a complex word or phrase, by the end of your sentence, you receive another “why”. They keep doing that until they are cleared of all doubts, and nobody knows when that will end, unless you ask the kid to shut up.

Similarly, keep it simple when it demands to be. Over usage of words or exaggeration may not help you if the customer/client is unable to understand about your product or services.

– Honesty is the best policy

There’s a reason why children are considered gifts of God. They may be notorious, but are unbiased. They may be talkative, but never lie.

You need to be upfront and honest to build your customers’ trust. And honesty goes a long way in helping you build an empire of your own. Even if you make a mistake, stand up to it and apologize.

– Less intimidating

You say ‘no’ to a kid, yet at the end you find yourself doing the same for the kid. The tactics kid use to get things done from parents or guardians is mostly awe-inspiring.

The thing here is that you can’t really go around your customers and talk something which they’re awed about. However, there would definitely be a factor that could attract your customers in a way that might appeal to them. Maybe festive offers or something they can relate or connect to.

If you’re still struggling with your marketing strategies, try adding a kid’s picture that says something practical about your service, on your hoarding.

If not yours, the luck of the kid might work for you (wink).

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