Go Berserk With These Adventure Filled Water Sports In India

Water sports in India

Water sports in India – India is a subcontinent which is surrounded by water from all the three sides.

Also India is a land of many rivers. There are many scenic places around these water bodies. In recent years there have been many people who have gone adventure enthusiast and also with the boom in tourism, India has emerged as a place for many interesting water sport activities.

You name any of them; India has many places for these activities. There are many people who are curious about these water sports.

So we bring you some handful places across India, where you can feel the adrenalin rush and enjoy these super cool water sports to give a whole new picture to your adventure!

Water sports in India –

Water rafting in Hrishikesh

In past few years, Hrishikesh has become a hot favourite for many people who love river rafting. This is a great place to enjoy the river rafting activity. Shivpuri, few kilometres away from Hrishikesh is the place where these activity takes place. They provide with some amazing camping facilities near the river and the experience is just great. River rafting is one of a kind experience which should be experienced at least for one.


Knee Boarding in Goa

Goa is a paradise for many water sports and knee boarding is one of them. Knee boarding is comparatively n easy water sport and pure fun to try your hands on it! It is usuall carried out on the beaches of Goa. In this sport, a person is supposed to sit on the board with knees bend down and surf on the waves.


Scuba Diving in Lakshadweep Islands

Scuba diving thoroughly takes you to a whole new world of marine life which exists deep down the ocean. Scuba diving makes you forget the whole world and the experience is completely surreal. The Lakshadweep Islands is the perfect place to do this activity.


Kayaking and Canoeing in Kerela

The God’s own country, along with its serene and picturesque backwaters gives an amazing opportunity of canoeing and kayaking. Kayaking and canoeing on these silent backwaters is so peaceful that you would just love the activity along with bringing in some adventure feel. Canoeing is also one of the favourite water sports practised in Kerela. It also helps you to witness the backwaters closely.


Sailing in Mumbai

Sailing is another activity which would truly make you experience the falling waves of the ocean. Sailing in the Arabian Sea near Mumbai is one of kind experience. Travelling on a windy day with the tides is a lovely experience.


These are the Water sports in India.

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