7 Internationally Hated Sports ‘˜Stars’ Who Didn’t Give A Damn!

Most hated sports stars – The loyalties, rivalries and all the other things make certain athletes and fans give some ‘˜extra’ energy in being called a hater.

‘Love and Hate’ does not go hand in hand in the world of sports.

The loyalties, rivalries and all the other things make certain athletes and fans give some ‘extra’ energy in being called a hater.

While being unloved by a significant percentage of worlds is in the job description of every sports star, not every player is capable of thwarting away the hatred.

For them, social media platforms such as Twitter can become a battlefield where post-match scenarios turn like a doghound as riles after riles is piled up.

However, for particular stars, the hate is a blessing in disguise. This group of men and women just shrug off the criticism and anger and just go about their business or get motivated from it. It may not bring in the wins or trophies, but it does show that they have a peculiar talent for being composed. These 7 sports stars just don’t give a damn!

Sebastian Vettel (Formula One)
4-time Formula One Champion Sebastian Vettel is a seasoned campaigner and truly works his socks off to achieve the top status. But at times, the German might have his ‘fans’ around the world but last F1 season, the former was not loved by all. In each of the six races in 2013, Vettel was hurled boos at from some section of the fans in race track. But even so Vettel did not throw in the towel. “It’s very difficult for me personally, to receive boos, even though you haven’t done anything wrong,” he said. “At the time it hurts not to get the reception you expect but I think I’m clever enough to understand why they do it. I’m not blaming them. This booing, you can see how it’s happened. It’s that jealousy of success people have.” He added: “To overcome it, to give the right answer on the track and finally get the acceptance we’re all looking for as racing drivers… it make me very proud to join people like (Alain) Prost, (Juan Manuel) Fangio and Michael (Schumacher as a four-time world champion)”.



Phil Mickelson (Golf)
You don’t often relate hate at the gold course or with a golfer! But one person in general can relate to it and that’s none other than Phil Mickelson. Reports suggested that Phil had a bad past about his phony cover-up and his outspokenness towards certain golfers did not go down well with the fans. But Phil doesn’t give a damn about the abuse since he will reciprocate it with signing autographs after an event, despite being topping the leader board.



Mario Balotelli (Football)
Italian forward Mario Balotelli is a shop full of nuisance and tricks. From bursting crackers at his residence to fighting with clubmates; ‘Super’ Mario has been there and done that! Wherever he plays, the current Liverpool striker is the most hated footballer on the planet. But ask the player what his opinion is, and will revert it with a barrage of goals on the field. A fitting reply!



Kobe Bryant (Basketball)
Kobe Bryant may be one of the biggest stars in the United States of America but his affinity for speaking his mind, not playing kind with others and unapologetically taking all the shots is why he’s touted as the pantomimes in the world of sports. His history of ‘breaking bad’ with either fans or players is a big one. Not too long ago, Bryant’s inability to get along with stalwart Shaquille O’Neal resulted in a provocation and the same thing happened with another player, Dwight Howard. The guy will just play his game and answer the fiercest critics with his game and if he does not like someone, the former won’t even bother to mend the situation.



Serena Williams (Tennis)
Current world number one and women’s tennis icon, Serena Williams is a hit amongst many sports lovers of the game and outside it. But during the 2001 fiasco in Indian Wells where the Williams sisters (Venus Williams) were booed by a section of the crowd, the former did not take it too well. Also, her competition with Maria Sharapova off and on the court may rile the latter’s fans; Serena has always answered back with the trophies and Grand Slams.



Virat Kohli (Cricket)
Indian cricket’s rising star Virat Kohli may lead his country in the 1st Test against Australia come December 4 but the Delhi-lad may come in for some abuse from the crowd Down Under. Back in 2011, Kohli had incensed the Aussie crowd by showing them the middle finger but was left alone by the ICC. In India as well, some fans have not liked the cricketer’s larger than lifestyle attitude but Virat has proven this wrong with the runs on the board. Take that.



Cristiano Ronaldo (Football)
Real Madrid and Portugal striker, Cristiano Ronaldo might have a rich vein of fans from across the globe but there some who hate the former as well. From being abused of “young, rich and handsome” to touted as, ‘Cristiano, Balon de Plastico; ‘CR7’ has seen life come a full circle. But the Real Madrid star does not take ‘no’ for an answer and his goal records on the pitch keep the abuses at bay.


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