10 Moments With Our Furry Friends On Sports Field.


Any sports whether cricket, football, baseball or any sports for that matter is not untouched by the nature.

And by nature, I mean our furry animal friends. These include cats, dogs, squirrels and almost everything imaginable.

Here we bring to you 10 Furry Friends On Sports Field, some funny ones and a single sad moment.

  1. The Anfield Cat
    What better animal to provide entertainment in a boring soccer match than a cat. This little feline came on to the pitch during the last 11 minutes of a 0-0 draw between Liverpool and Spurs on the Anfield Park. The little guy roamed around on the pitch a bit and then happily went to the sidelines where the staff of the ground ejected the cat from the playing area.

  1. Two puppies and a plastic bag

Turkish teams Galatasaray and Aalen were playing a match which was interrupted at the 52 minute mark by 2 very enthusiastic golden retriever puppies. The players stopped whatever they were doing and spent some moments playing with the pups that were oblivious to the fact that they were on a football field in middle of an ongoing match. Thankfully the ground staff carried them off the field safely.


  1. Dog loves a baseball glove

A dog ran onto the field in an ongoing girl’s baseball match and proceeds to steal the gloves of 2 players. The first one was lucky to get her glove back, but the second girl had to wait until the dog did a lap of honor with the glove in his mouth.


  1. the IPL man of the match goes to this dog.
    In a match between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians in the 2009 IPL, held in South Africa, a canine decided to halt up play by inspecting each and every player personally. Andrew Flintoff, MS Dhoni, some support staff tried their best to lure the dog out of the ground so that the play could resume. Dhoni even offered the ball as bait, but a piece of meat did the trick and the mutt happily trotted out of the field.


  1. Kangaroo on race track.
    This Kangaroo hopped onto a race track in middle of a race in which the cars were going at around 140 mph. He hopped for a few seconds and then proceeded to get off the track, not liking the sound and heat, barely avoiding the oncoming traffic.

  1. Police Dog keep the ball in check
    A police dog proceeds to interrupt an on going match to inspect the round object. He bites it, plays with it, until its handler comes on with a leash. He leaves the playing area to claps and whistles. Now I assume he is on desk duty after the stunt he just pulled.

  1. Squirrel shows off some moves on the baseball field.

A squirrel refused to leave the field despite attempts from all quarters of the arena. The furry friend showed some military training before being ejected off the field, but he comes back again and again and again.

  1. A seagull flies of with the ball during a golf match

A seagull tries to fly off with a golf ball during a PGA golf match. After inspecting the ball, the bird decides that it will make a good nest ornament and tries to fly off with it, albeit unsuccessfully.

  1. Mother Duck to the rescue

In this compilation of animals on sports field, a mother duck becomes over protective of her ducklings and begins to peck at the person who is trying to help the ducklings get out of the sand trap.


  1. Pitcher nails a seagull

This unfortunate seagull got the worst timing possible when it flew in between the batter and the pitcher, who had send down a fast one. The bird gets hit by the ball and is blown to smithereens. A sad end to a wonderful life.



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