5 things Mumbai locals teach you

We tell you what you can learn from the Mumbai locals. Read on!

If you’re still flustered by the Monday morning rush in the Mumbai locals, time to think about what these actually teach you. We have drummed up a list of five things that Mumbai locals teach you.

Time is money:
Only you and I know what it’s to miss the 8.36 am local from your station. Nothing teaches you the value of time like the locals, where missing a train can haunt you for life.


Phone is your saviour:
When you’re being blasted by heat , crowd and sweat, the only thing that comes to your rescue is your phone. If you haven’t already realised how important this gadget is, Mumbai locals would definitely have made you realise. Despite having no space to breath, you would see everybody on his/her phone.

Believe in yourself: If you can’t catch that goddamn train, nobody can. Yes, this belief comes from being a regular Mumbai local-er. You are more confident and your sentences invariably start with stuff like, ‘If I can change trains at Kurla at peak hour, I can do anything. Bring it on.’


Don’t fear your competitors:
Despite half of Mumbai’s population rushing about at Andheri, you are not scared of them…because you have stopped fearing your competitors. Nothing can bog you down, you can do absolutely anything.


Women can’t adjust:
It’s the gospel truth. Women just won’t adjust and keep cribbing and whining about hair on their face, your bag hitting them or your dupatta coming in their way. If you thought that the fairer sex was easier to get along with, you have never travelled by a ladies local.

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