Climbing Added For Tokyo Olympic Games 2020: Know More In Detail About The Sport


Sport Climbing has received a lot of recognition in the past but even then, at some places it wasn’t considered as a proper sport.

For some people, it was more of a hobby or just an adventure game but that wasn’t it.

Sport Climbing was much more than just an adventure game and finally it has received its deserving status when it got included in the Olympic Games, Tokyo 2020.

In a recent meeting, sports climbing, skate boarding and 5 other sports were made a part of the Olympic Games and it came as a surprise to a lot of those who were trying a hand at all these sports with a lot of passion.

The challenges that sport climbing offers are totally different from that of traditional climbing. The security is already provided by the first party in sports climbing, which means you don’t have to carry any removable hardware with you like nuts and bolts as they have already built the path for you.

On the rock that you are going to climb, there are already drilled holes with bolts stuck in them along with hangers that allow you to hang you rope and climb easily.

The amount of safety provided in this sport is as much as any other sport. The security makes sure that you don’t have to waste time on creating safe routes on the rock, instead, you can simply focus on your climbing movements and make it look great.

Due to the safety measures, you may feel that sport climbing is an easy sport but that’s not the truth. It may sound easy but it is really very difficult to attempt as you require a lot of stamina and flexibility to complete climbing one rock.

A lot of people in India are now taking trainings to become a professional sport climber and with this sport being included in Olympics, we might be able to see a lot of Indian talent in the Tokyo Games as well.

Check out some videos to know more details about the sport:


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