10 Types of Kisses You Must Experience Once In A Lifetime At Least!


Hey guys!

Hope you all are having a kissful romance and lippy love!

To all those who are not, I would say, maybe this winter you’ll get lucky enough to have some romance and the kiss of a lifetime. Ask why? Because what better season to have some warm, hot and melting kiss indulgence, other than these chilling months!

So peeps, just pucker up, it’s time for some serious kissing!

And you know what? Kissing is not only fun, it’s also good for you. It releases ‘feel good’ hormones in your body that can combat stress, anxiety and depression and a really passionate, long lasting kiss can help you to lose weight too. So many benefits and you are still thinking?

The bonus is that there are lots of different types of kisses and here the top 10 which are like “must haves”, at least once in a lifetime:

  1. The Single Lip Passion

Cuddle up in the bed with your bae and pull one of their lips (preferably lower) in your mouth! Go gentle, to let them feel love more than lust! It is a beautiful way of expressing your love for them. An ultra cute kiss that is sure to kindle the romantic fire in your partner, before they whisper, “I love You”!


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