6 Things Men Secretly Wish Women Would Do For Them In Bed

couple in bed

Three words – men are simple.

This goes even for activities that they want to engage in bed. It is a rarity that you will find a man, who demands a great deal of acrobatics from his partner when it comes to sex.

You can even go to the lengths of saying that men are predictable in the bedroom with preferring the traditional missionary position or the occasional cowgirl position.

Nevertheless, it is their innermost desire to keep their sex life spicy. There are several things that men want from their female partner.

Here is a list of the same –

Provocative Lingerie

Wear provocative lingerie to entice your man

Wear provocative lingerie to entice your man

Men realise that lingerie is one of the weapons that women use to turn them on…and they love it. You can even buy provocative lingerie for special occasions to entice your man like never before.

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