7 Sex Facts That Have Eluded Even The Adults

People, as they age and start having sex, think they know everything about sex.

It is important to know that even the most learned person seeks information wherever possible. When it comes to sex, it is better to be knowledgeable than sorry at a later stage.

Adults or not, it is important to initially comprehend with the fact that you don’t know all about sex.

Here are several sex facts for adults still elude many people to this very day – 

Grower and Shower

Two types of penis size - grower and shower

Two types of penis size – grower and shower

When it comes to size of the penis, it is categorised under two sections – grower and shower. Where the former grows to an extended length, thanks to rush of blood entering the penis, the latter only grows as long as it can get – be it erect or in flaccid state. 

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