5 Things A Working Mother Should Do To Strike A Balance Between Work And Family

We tell you all about how can working mothers strike a balance between work and family. Read on!

I can’t really figure out how do they manage to do it- the mothers. When you mention work-family balance to a roomful of working women who have children, the response you’ll get is a semi hysterical laughter. It is no small thing to lead a life that balances all of your many needs and responsibilities, yet doesn’t make you feel like you’ve turned into a mouse running endlessly on a wheel.

Not that I have any experience in it, but talking to those mothers, who’ve been leading such a life since ages made me conclude a few things that could prove useful for those mothers who are about to enter that stage. We tell you all about how can working mothers strike a balance between work and family. Read on!

1. Scheduling Daily ‘Me’ Time

You might have probably heard this from a number of people, but taking time out to spend for yourself, even if it’s for an hour or so, not only refrshes you but gives you the satisfaction of being a complete woman. If an hour seems difficult, when by the end of the day all you feellike doing is going home and hugging your kid, take a walk in the offcie lane or around the block. Even meditating during mini breaks works wonders.

2. To-do things

Make a list of things you’re supposed to do over the next few days. It mostly is a combination of the kid’s requirements, your personal requirements and maybe worl related or home related things. Buth you also need to make sure that the list you make, does not have things that aren’t doable.

3. Household chores

Because you are a family and because putting your kids on a schedule will lighten your load, it is important that you teach your kids the importance of doing their part. Just like responsibilites are distributed among employees at your workplace, it should be distributed among the family members at home.

4. Use technology

Yes, there are times when you’d have cursed technology like nothing before, but if you think about it, there are times when you could actually use technology as a help. For example, when you are at your kid’s basketball game, you can also be accessing your mail inbox or other websites, which is of good use to you. That way, you are present at your kid’s game and doing your work too. After all, there is not a single woman in the world who can’t multitask.

5. Redo Your Budget

Smart mothers have concluded that if they spend money where it really counts on things that make their lives simpler, it is a better investment. For example if you don’t really require cable at your place, as the kids watch cartoons and you watch news on the internet, you can cut down on the cable bills and use it somewhere else.

There could be a few days where you’d find it really hard to cope up with both- work and family. But all you need to do is to rethink what exactly are you thankful for and what makes you happy. If nothing helps, go on a shopping spree.(wink)

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